Best Baby Bath Tub Reviews (Tubs for Infants)

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For a first time parent with no idea how to keep their newborn baby clean at all times, panic decisions and trial and error rules the day. Fortunately, keeping your baby clean isn’t difficult at all. Newborn babies don’t get dirty frequently, and that’s a fact you should capitalize on. With exceptions of mishaps while eating, potty accidents, and very little sweating, keeping the baby hygienic only requires the best baby bath tub, soap, and water. A quality baby bathtub is needed because of its safety and comfort.

In our baby bathtub reviews below, we explore some of the best bathtubs for your baby and how to buy one that meets your needs. With over a dozen models of baby bathtubs, it isn’t an obvious decision which baby bathtub you should pick. Read our guide below to the end, therefore, and get tips to help you buy the right tub.

Top 6 Baby Bath Tubs in 2021

Best Baby Bath Tubs Reviewed

The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Tub

best baby bath tubComing in either aqua or pink colors, the First Year Sure Comfort tub allows you to choose a color that matches your preference. This top rated baby bathtub is designed to be comfortable and secure, providing the support needed during the baby’s first bath times.

This bathtub is designed to grow with your baby. It features a mesh sling inside the tub that hangs like a hammock. It not only provides comfort for the baby but also accommodates a growing baby. This sling can be used while the baby is transitioning through the three stages of being a newborn, infant, and toddler. So you won’t have to buy different tub sizes that would fit the growing child.

The sling cradles the baby, giving it extra comfort while bathing. However, once the baby outgrows it, you can remove it. Without the sling, the baby can seat in the comfortably reclined seat with a padded backrest. And once the baby reaches toddler age, it can sit up on the other side of the tub that has an upright backrest design, leaving freed up space in the tub, which could be used for playing.

So that the parent doesn’t worry about the baby sliding down, the reclined seat of the tub has a slight bump. This keeps the baby securely in place and makes the bath time for the parent less stressful.

You can place this baby bathtub in a tub, sink, on a sink countertop, or anywhere else close to a source of water. The most comfortable for the parent bathing the baby would be in a sink and fortunately, this tub fits in both single and double sinks.

To prevent the tub from sliding around, it features anti-slip pads. Another great feature of this tub is the special drain design. It allows easy draining of the water once you’re done bathing the baby and it allows to ensure that the water temperature is safe. If you make it too hot, it changes color, alerting you that the water is too hot.


Fisher-Price 4-in 1 Sling N Seat Tub

baby bathtub reviewsFisher’s 4-in 1 Sling N eat baby bathtub is also one of the best newborn bathtubs at the moment. With a sling to offer unparalleled comfort to your baby, the bathtub is a complete starter pack item most mothers would dream to have. Besides safety and comfort, the tub also offers a few convenience features for the parent.

Fisher-Price is the kind of baby tub that remains useful after the baby is no longer a newborn. All you need is to remove the sling and the insert and you get the space needed for your 1+ year old baby.

To accommodate babies of different sizes and ages, the bathtub comes with a special mesh sling and insert. The mesh sling can be used for babies up to 3 months old as it can hold a maximum of 15 pounds. When the baby is transitioning through the 3 to 6 months of age, you can remove the sling and instead, put the included insert into the inclined side of the tub.

Older babies can use the other side of the tub, which has an upright backrest and a deeper design. You can start by using the insert in this upright position of the tub and when your child reaches toddler age, you can remove the insert and let the child just sit in the tub.

The design of this bathtub is also made to allow babies to have some fun while bathing. It has a fairly big size, so when the kid is sitting upright, there’s plenty of room left in the other half of the tub to play and splash around.

Both the sling and the insert are designed in such a way that prevents the infants from slipping and sliding into the water. This provides safe bathing.

They are also a few other features that make this baby bath tub stand out. Similar to many other tubs, this model also has a drain with a plug that allows quick and easy draining and cleaning. On top of that, the tub is equipped with a hook. After bathing the baby and draining the tub, you can hang it up for easy drying and storing.

Moreover, this bathtub comes with a squeeze bottle and a whale scoop. These accessories can make the process of bathing a more fun experience.


Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub

best infant bathtubThe Skip Hop baby tub comes in a fun design in the shape of a whale. It has a cute design that will make your little loved one always look forward to bath time. If you like the design, you can also get with this tub a matching bath mate, rinser, and spout cover. Each one of them comes in a fun whale design.

Similar to other mentioned baby bathtubs, this model also comes in a design that is meant to be used for many months after the baby is born, as the baby transitions through different stages of growth.

The tub comes with a smart sling that is made of dual layer mesh. It cradles your baby in a comfortable and secure manner. It provides ergonomic head-to-toe support for newborns.

However, as your baby learns to sit, you can adjust to a more upright position, creating a cushioned seat for the infant. And once the baby has mastered sitting, you can completely remove the sling and let your toddler just sit in the tub, which would give more space in the tub for bathing.

To prevent any bathtub accidents, the bottom of the tub features a textured surface. It prevents the child from slipping and falling.

Another convenient feature of this tub is the hook located on the tail of the whale. So you can hang it over a shower head or a shower hook, which would allow quicker drying. The hook also offers a convenient way to store the tub.


Munchkin Sit and Soak

top rated baby bath seatOne of the best infant tubs is also the Munchkin Sit and Soak. It’s designed to fit babies from 0 to 12 months. However, unlike the above mentioned tubs, it’s not adjustable for each age. Instead, it features a fixed design that is meant to help keep a baby in an upright position.

To keep the baby safe and comfortable, the tub features non-slip interior surface. Moreover, it has a bump that helps the infant sit upright, so even the smallest babies can stay in a secure seated position without you holding them. This allows babies to soak in the warm water, so they can stay warm while you bathe them. Moreover, the bathtub is also equipped with a padded backrest, which keeps the baby extra comfortable.

However, it is worth noting that it might be a bit more difficult bathing newborns in this tub. Since newborns are unable to hold themselves up and tend to crouch over, you might have to use one hand to hold the baby up, leaving you with only one hand to do everything else.

This bathtub is also designed for easy cleanup and storage. It features a pull tub drain that is very easy to use. It doesn’t leak and it drains quickly and easily, making cleaning of the tub an effortless job.

The tub comes in a convenient size. It fits in a standard sink, tub. Or it can be put on a countertop, on top of the vanity, table, or wherever else you might find it more comfortable. The size of the tub is also convenient for storing it when it’s not in use. Its handle also acts as a hook, helping it keep a small footprint.


Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub

good newborn bathtubAnother baby bath tub that comes in a fun whale design is the Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub product. It’s a safe and comfortable tub that is good for both newborns and toddlers, so you don’t need to buy a new bathtub as your baby grows bigger.

The tub comes with a seat that you can insert or remove from the tub depending on the age of your baby. It provides the needed support for newborns. It features a contoured seat and a padded headrest, which keeps them snug and secure, preventing them from slipping and sliding.

Toddlers can usually sit upright on their own, so they can use the bathtub without the seat. This would allow them to sit deeper in water with more room to splash around. The interior surface is also slip resistant, designed to keep the toddlers safe from sliding around.

The tub is also easy to maintain clean. It’s built with an innovative drain design, so you can quickly and easily remove the water from the tub and make a quick cleanup.


Summer Splish n’ Splash

top rated baby bathtubsSummer Splish n’ Splash is one more good newborn to toddler tub. It’s an affordable baby bathtub that offers all the same features that come in the more expensive units.

This baby bathtub is designed to make bathing a baby stress free and enjoyable. Taking a simple, but convenient design, Splish n’ Splash tub is large enough for babies up to 12 months. It offers great comfort, ensuring that the baby stays relaxed through the bathing session. 

To support the baby through different stages of growth, the tub offers a sling. While the baby is too small to sit up on its own, this sling will provide the needed support, ensuring that the baby stays cradled in comfort and safety.

For bit older infants, the tub is designed with a slightly reclined backrest and padding. To use it, just remove the mesh sling.

As for the third stage of the baby’s growth, there’s the other side of the tub. It has an upright backrest with just a tiny recline. In this position, the toddler can sit in the tub.

To make the bathing experience easier for the parent, one end of the tub is designed with a small tray. You can keep there any bath items, as well as baby’s toys. This allows keeping everything within easy reach.

Moreover, this baby bathtub comes in a few different color options. They range from more colorful options, such as aqua, blue, light pink, and pink, to a more common color white. Each color option also has a different sling design. This aqua model has turtles, others have fish and whales.


Types of Baby Bath Tubs

Thanks to technology and demand, the babies’ bathtub market is filled with a huge array of different types of tubs. There are tubs for moms who simply want to bathe their baby in safe and secure environments, and there are tubs packed with techy features. There are tubs that offer more than a bathing platform and others that grow with the baby. Your budget and preferences determine which among the following types of tubs suits your needs.

Standard Bathtub

A standard bathtub is basically the conventional tub albeit it’s only big enough for a newborn baby. For some who believe in simplicity and doing things the conventional way, a standard tub will suit you. Fortunately, manufacturers customize the standard tub to offer support and safety in a satisfying manner. Standard baby bathtubs often come as one piece, ready to serve you with little stress. Standard tubs are also cheap, costing no more than $30. Unfortunately, going standard means you may miss out on helpful features such as digital water temperature gauges often found in modern tubs.

Convertible Baby Tub

Convertible tubs are increasingly becoming popular thanks to the fact that they retain their purpose for up to 24 months. Basically, a convertible baby bathtub will have a sling where you lace a newborn and clean them hands free. As the baby grows, you can remove the sling and clean the baby directly from the tub. Convertible tubs will also have adjustable backrests and feet support to help you meet the needs of your baby as she grows.

Collapsible Tubs

Often confused with convertible tubs, collapsible tubs are designed to ease storage and transportation. A foldable bathtub ideally folds up or down to a fraction of its original size, allowing you to store it in a way that maximizes your space in the bathroom. In most cases, collapsible tubs are bulkier than other types of tubs, but all the same efficient.

Inflatable Bathtub

Inflatable bathtubs do exactly what their names suggest, inflate. The inflatable bathtubs are designed for easy storage, as they can be deflated, cleaned and stored in a small footprint. Since they are a more modern style of baby bathtubs, they feature attractive designs. Additionally, modern inflatables come with an array of tech features including a temperature gauge. On the downside, inflatable baby bathtubs are often overpriced, but all the same excellent to people who travel a lot.

Cushion Bathtubs

If you are looking for something a little less plastic, and a lot more comfort, cushions tubs could be perfect for you. Cushion tubs are designed in such a way that they actually don’t hold water. You may ask, how? Ideally, a cushion tub is made from polystyrene material that is then covered by fabric. Using a cushion tub is, however, tricky as you have to fill your normal tub with water and place the cushion tub on top. Cushion tubs are also good for babies who can sit upright, locking out moms who want a tub for a newborn.

Bucket Tubs

If you are a little tight on budget but need a specially made tub for your baby, a bucket tub could be an ideal solution. A bucket tub resembles a normal bucket with the exception of a drainage opening and a backrest for comfort. Bucket tubs are great for babies who dislike baths. On the downside, bucket tubs make it difficult to clean the baby’s feet and bottom areas that are dirtiest among babies.

Luxury tubs

Luxury baby bathtubs bring with them all sorts of luxury details. From a cup holder to a color changing temperature gauge, massage jets with mini shower nozzles, luxury tubs are the future of baby bathtubs. Luxury tubs are also larger, heavier and designed to grow with the baby. But as you would expect, they are also expensive.

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Baby Bath Tub

Making the right decision when buying a baby bathtub can determine how secure and happy you will be while bathing your baby. The right tub also eases your work as you bathe your baby, plus it could help you save some cash. But knowing which tub is perfect for you isn’t particularly easy unless you have the following knowledge in mind.


Size in a baby bathtub is important because it helps you know whether your baby can fit in there for the next several months and whether it can fit in your sink/tub. The best decision is to buy a tub that is slightly bigger than your baby, or one that can be converted to meet the needs of your baby as she grows. On the other hand, consider the size of the tub versus the size of your sink. Some baby tubs are made for a single sink, while others are designed to fit in a double sink. Make sure your ideal tub makes your baby comfortable and that it fits in the tub or sink where you will source your water.


The amount of water the tub holds matters a lot, especially because you may need the tub for the next two years. If the tub holds too little water, you will strain to bathe your baby within a short span of time. Many foldable bathtubs tend to economize on depth, and this is a bad thing for you. Instead, opt for a tub that grows with your baby one whose volume capacity will be enough to bathe your water 24 months later.


A quality baby bathtub must have drainage to ease your maintenance work. A good drain and plug system is easy to use and reliable. Unfortunately many drainage systems in baby bathtubs don’t offer complete assurance and you may have to hook the tub afterward to hang it dry. Nonetheless, ensure your ideal tub has a drainage system that works effortlessly and with great efficiency.


One of the reasons we have inflatable tubs and foldable tubs is to offer the convenience of storage. No one needs a bulky tub that takes up much space in the bathroom. You also don’t need a bulky tub either. Instead, opt for a tub that can easily be hooked on the bathroom walls or a foldable tub that does not compromise on safety. The goal is to buy a tub that drains and dries fast. Preferably, also opt for a light tub that could be light to carry around when visiting a lake house.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider besides safety is the comfort of your baby as you bathe her. Comfort among the best baby tubs is assured by such things as a non-slip surface with backrest and head support. Some also offer comfort for the feet, arms, and bottom with soft and fluffy surfaces. The rim of the tub should offer as much comfort as possible, noting that it comes into contact with a huge part of your baby’s skin.


Baby bathtubs cost differently for very valid reasons. A standard bathtub with nothing special to offer can’t cost similarly to a luxury tub. In the same sense, a foldable tub will be more expensive because it solves an extra problem of storage. When looking for the best tub, compare the prices of different tubs and note down features you may not need. Once you identify a tub with the most important features to you, go for it.

Baby Bath Safety Tips

If you are like most people, you want a baby bathtub because it provides better safety when cleaning the baby. Unfortunately, babies are fragile beings. An inch inside water and your baby could drown. If you are not careful while handling them, the plastic tub could prove too dangerous to your baby. Utilize the following tips to reduce safety risks to you or your baby completely.

  1. Place the tub on a flat surface. Baby bathtubs are designed to stand on flat surfaces. If you place the tub on a slippery, slanted surface, it will slip and risk hurting your baby. The kitchen sink or normal tubs are two favorite locations for most moms because they are also great sources of water.
  2. Never leave your baby in a tub with water. As earlier stated, babies are fragile beings. Babies need your attention highly, and not even the comfortable slings that come with some tubs should replace that attention. To ensure you are never tempted of leaving your baby alone, plan ahead and carry with you everything you need to clean the baby before placing her in the tub.
  3. Never lift the tub while the baby is inside. No matter how strong and confident you are, always avoid picking your baby together with the tub. If you accidentally slip, it could be too dangerous to your baby. Instead, pick your baby first and then take away the tub afterward.
  4. Always test the water temperatures. Use lukewarm water to bathe your baby as much as possible. Cold water as you probably know could attract pneumonia, while hot water will burn the baby. If you buy a tub with a digital temperature gauge, you could completely solve this problem.
  5. Avoid using skin irritating products and water. Where you use chlorinated water, always make sure you don’t add too much chlorine to irritate the baby’s skin. In the same sense, avoid perfumes and soaps that tend to irritate skins. Technically, the surest way to avoid products that may irritate the baby’s skin is to stick with non perfume products.
  6. Keep any electrical devices away from the tub. Where you have hair dryers and other electrical equipment closer to the baby’s tub, unplug them before cleaning your baby. The best decision, however, is to keep electrical equipment out of your bathroom or anywhere near water.


With the information and tips from our baby bathtub reviews above, buying your newborn’s baby bathtub should be easier. However, if you find difficulties, you can always ask for help. Additionally, baby bathtubs are not expensive, and you need not worry about buying the wrong tub too much. Instead, evaluate your expectations in the tub and check for the most important features in the tub. If it has all the features you want and you can afford it, it’s the best baby bathtub for you. In case the tub disappoints along the way, simply get back to the online market and look for a bestselling baby bathtub.

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