Best Bathroom Heater Reviews (Your Guide for 2021)

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When the cold seasons begin, the last thing you want is to shower in a cold bathroom. Maybe you don’t mind, but getting out of the bathroom after a warm, invigorating shower and getting struck by a wave of freezing temperatures is not what most people love. If anything, people want to enjoy the refreshing warmth that comes with a warm shower all the way to work. Fortunately, you can keep cold off your bathroom by investing in the best bathroom heater. Read the following bathroom heater reviews to get tips on how to buy a quality heater for your bathroom.

To start off, we’ve reviewed six of the top rated bathroom heaters on the market. Most of them cost below $100. Read on also, to learn how to install and maintain a bathroom heater to make it last for up to a decade.

Top 6 Bathroom Heaters

Bathroom Heaters Reviewed

Lasko CD08200 Ceramic Space Heater for Bathroom

best bathroom heaterLasko CD08200 is the best portable space heater for bathroom use. It features a ceramic heating element, a small and light design, good energy efficiency, and great heating performance.

The heater has an output of 1,500 watts and it offers energy efficient performance, putting out a lot of heat for such a small unit. This device also provides the heat very fast, quickly warming up the space of a bathroom, making it nice and steamy by the time you step out of the shower.

When operating this heater, you can select between three heat settings. There are two steady heat settings and one high heat setting that will deliver a high level of heat for one hour. The one hour high heat setting is perfect for getting quick warmth in a bathroom on a chilly morning.

To make it safe for use in bathrooms, this heater is equipped with an ALCI safety plug. This type of plug is designed to prevent electrical shock and it is essential in appliances used near moisture.

Except for the ALCI plug, there are additionally other safety features. They include overheat protection that automatically shuts down the device if it starts overheating, self regulating ceramic heating element, and housing that stays cool to the touch.

This small space heater is perfect for a bathroom. However, since it’s light and portable, it can also be used anywhere else in the house. You can easily move it to your bedroom, living room, or any other place that needs some warmth.

The small size of this bathroom heater also makes it easy to find space where to place or store it. Wherever you put it, it will take up minimal space on the countertop or floor.

This device is also great for those who are looking for a budget bathroom space heater. Though inexpensive, it does offer a lot of good value, offering the best performance in its price range.


  • 1,500 watts.
  • 3 settings.
  • High heat with 1 hour timer.
  • ALCI safety plug.
  • Overheat protection.
  • The housing stays cool.
  • Compact design.
  • Affordable.
  • No thermostat.

Cadet Com-Pak CSC151TW Bathroom Wall Heater

bathroom heater reviewsCadet Com-Pak is a highly rated bathroom wall heater. It comes in a space saving design and it’s designed for fast and efficient heating.

This wall heater is perfect for smaller bathrooms as it allows to maximize the available space. Moreover, it offers the convenience of having the heater out of the way with no cords that you could trip over.

It is recess mounted and hardwired into a wall. The heater comes as a full kit that includes a galvanized steel wall can, the heating assembly, and grill. The installation is fairly easy, but for proper wiring, it would still be better to hire a professional. Optionally, you could also install this unit on the ceiling.

The heater is equipped with a centrifugal fan that quietly distributes the generated heat. This is also an energy efficient bathroom heater as it consumes only 7.21 amps at 1,500 watts.

On top of that, this wall heater features a thermostat, so you can control the temperature level in the bathroom. You can adjust it between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

This bathroom wall heater delivers 1,500 watts of heat, which is enough to heat spaces up to 200 square feet. So this heater can provide fast heating to both small and big bathrooms. However, if you’re looking for a more powerful bathroom heater, this model is available in a few different options with up to 4,000 watts. And for those that have a smaller bathroom and don’t require that much power, you can also buy this heater with 1,000 watt output.

As for this heater’s safety, it comes with the standard high temperature shut off. So you can use the heater with peace of mind, without worrying about it overheating.


  • Space saving recessed wall mount.
  • Includes the complete assembly.
  • Different wattage options are available.
  • Quiet centrifugal fan.
  • High temperature shut off.
  • Efficient and fast heating.
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • No markings on the temperature dial.

Stiebel Eltron CK 20E Wall Mount Bathroom Heater

good electric wall heater for bathroomStiebel Eltron CK 20E is yet another great bathroom wall heater that attaches itself to your wall and distributes heat for your comfort. This electric heater for the bathroom features a stylish design and strong construction built for long durability. Apart from its design, Stiebel also features different helpful features such as a built in thermostat.

With its smooth, curvy edges and a conspicuous white color finish, this electric bathroom wall heater is one of the best looking on the market. However, it offers much more than just simply the design.

Set at a maximum of 2,000 watts, this bathroom safe heater can efficiently heat up spaces as large as 215 square feet. It uses a squirrel cage type blower made of galvanized steel, which has very quiet operation with noise level at about 49.7dBa.

Moreover, this heater features a down-draft design. It heats the room by pulling cold air from the top and blowing warm air out the bottom. This provides efficient and even heating. It also helps to keep the bathroom floors warm. However, due to this design, it requires 6 to 8 inches of clearance between the floor and the heater.

The heater is also equipped with an integrated thermostat. It allows you to set the preferred temperature level, so you can maximize the comfort in your bathroom.


  • 2,000 watts.
  • Built in thermostat.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Down-draft design.
  • Low profile wall installation.
  • 3 year limited warranty.
  • Requires hard wiring, so would require a professional for the installation.
  • Expensive.

Bimonk Portable Bathroom Heater

best space heater for bathroomIf you’re looking for a good portable bathroom heater, we recommend checking out the Bimonk model. It is small, lightweight, and yet capable of keeping your bathroom warm and steamy.

What makes this portable bathroom heater is its water resistant design. It features housing that protects the inner components from water drops. It has a rating of IP21, which means that the device is protected against condensation. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that it’s completely waterproof and it shouldn’t be placed near water.

On top of that, this portable heater comes with an ALCI plug. If it detects any danger, it automatically cuts off the power. So it’s designed for use in a bathroom as it eliminates the risk of electric shock. As for other safety features, they include automatic shut off in case of tip over and in case of overheating.

To get the perfect temperature in the bathroom, you can adjust either the three pre-set settings or the thermostat. The three settings include fan only option and two 750W and 1500W heating modes. And the thermostat feature allows you to customize the temperature level.

Another advantage of this portable space heater is its oscillating action. It moves 80 degrees from left to right, providing high heat coverage and ensuring that all the corners of the room are heated.


  • Max 1,500 watts.
  • Fan only and two heat settings.
  • Thermostat.
  • Wide oscillation.
  • Water resistant design.
  • ALCI plug.
  • Lightweight, portable design.
  • Safety features.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • No temperature markings on the thermostat dial.
  • Terrible design of the handle.

De’Longhi HVF3555TB Bathroom Safe Heater

high quality small space heater for bathroomDe’Longhi HVF3555TB is one more great small space heater for bathroom use. It comes in a portable design, offers good performance, and includes all the protection that you need for its safe use in a bathroom.

First of all, it’s equipped with a GFI plug. It is a ground fault interrupter, which shuts off the flow of electricity in the case of a ground fault. This means that this is a bathroom safe space heater that is protected against water drips and condensation.

This space heater delivers up to 1,500 watts of power. It provides instant heat to bathrooms up to 150 square feet. To help you get the temperature to the perfect comfort level, the heater also offers multiple settings and a thermostat. On top of that, it includes a 24 hour timer, so you can set it up to preheat your bathroom in the mornings.

For an even distribution of heat, the device is designed with oscillation. It features a foot pedal that activates the oscillation, which delivers warm air to all the corners of the room.


  • Up to 1,500 watts.
  • 3 heat settings.
  • Fan only mode.
  • Thermostat.
  • GFI plug.
  • Foot pedal activated oscillation.
  • Convenient handle for portability.
  • Thermal cutoff.
  • Tip over switch.
  • Not the most powerful bathroom heater.

Broan-NuTone 157 Bathroom Ceiling Heater

good bathroom ceiling heaterBroan’s model 157 is a good choice for those looking for the best bathroom ceiling heater. It comes in circular shaped, fan forced design. Moreover, it’s built with an aluminum grill that has a low profile, extending only 2-3/4 inches from the ceiling. This aluminum grill can also be removed for cleaning the inner mechanism of the heater.

With the ability to deliver 1250watts, Broan is ideal for small bathrooms. It is equipped with a permanently lubricated motor that delivers energy efficient performance with up to 1,250 watts of instant heat or 4,255 BTUs per hour, which is plenty for smaller bathrooms. It features a fan that provides quiet and efficient heat distribution. 

This bathroom ceiling heater is also designed for reliable and safe use. It features automatic overheat protection that prevents thermal overload and it is UL listed.

If you already have an existing electrical box and wiring, this bathroom ceiling heater is also very easy to install. It mounts on any standard 3.5 or 4-inch electrical box. However, if it’s not a replacement heater, but a completely new installation, the process would be difficult and would require hiring an electrician.

Moreover, if you’re not just replacing a new unit, but making a completely new ceiling heater installation, you’ll probably also not have any existing wall controls. So keep in mind that these wall controls you would need to purchase separately.


  • 1,250 watts of heat.
  • Low profile housing.
  • Permanently lubricated motor.
  • Can be disassembled for cleaning.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • UL listed.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Mounting can be a challenge if you don’t have the exact electrical box.
  • Some durability issues.

Types of Bathroom Heaters

There are several types of bathroom heaters on the market. Each type has its own advantages and weaknesses. Some of the heaters’ designs are meant to increase heat distribution, while others enhance versatility. What types of bathroom heater you end up with all depends on your needs and how much you are willing to pay for it. Read on below to learn more about the five most popular types of bathroom heaters.

1. Portable

They are small, easy to carry around, yet good enough for heat distribution in small bathrooms and offices. Portable bathroom heaters are best suited for people who only need a bathroom heater during the cold seasons only. That way, you can remove the heater from your bathroom and use in other rooms whenever you want to.

So, how do they work? Portable heaters are electric powered and have a heater element that changes electrical power into heat. However, to distribute the heat around the house, these heaters often utilize a fan that forces the hot air inside the heater out into the bathroom space. Unfortunately, while they are cheap and effective for small rooms, portable heaters require regular cleaning if you want to keep them efficient.

2. Ceiling Heaters

Are you skeptical about buying a wall heater since you don’t want to incur extra electrical configuration costs? A ceiling heater could be your best bet. Small, reliable and easily glides into any ceiling box, ceiling heaters are the best options when you have a ceiling box ready to place a heater or fan. Most ceiling heaters are portable heaters which you could uninstall and install in other parts of the house. However, they are also great choices when you want a permanent heater in your bathroom. Once you install them properly on the ceiling, they could serve you for as long as they can last.

3. Wall Mounted

As the name suggests, a wall mounted bathroom heater is attached to the wall. The heaters come in different designs such that some will be attached on a hook while others are meant to be screwed permanently on the wall. They are effective heat distributors in small bathrooms and can be durable as well. Most wall heaters are also inexpensive.

4. Heater and Exhaust Fan

Since bathrooms are places associated with a lot of steam and chilly humidity, you could as well buy a unit that eliminates both chilly humidity and provides heat instead. Heater and exhaust fans are designed to solve two problems, essentially offering heat in the bathroom in exchange for eliminating steam that affects walls and other devices. They are more expensive than other heaters but are certainly more helpful than heaters unable to eliminate moisture in your bathroom.

5. Combination Heaters

Combination heaters or space heaters utilize integrated heat pump systems that could provide heat in large rooms as well as heat water or provide cooling solutions. These combination heaters are very efficient and are estimated to conserve energy costs by up to 10%. While they are expensive, combination heaters are ideal for a family that wouldn’t mind having a system that provides heat at home as well as delivers hot water to the shower heads and sinks.

Best Bathroom Heater Buying Guide

When trying to decide which good bathroom space heater to buy, you can arrive at your decision by following a very simple process. There are not many factors you need to keep in mind, but nonetheless, carefully evaluating the following factors will help you save money and get the right heater for your home.

Power Provided

You know that a bathroom heater can serve your needs by looking at its power capabilities. In a small bathroom with only the basic units, a heater that supplies between 600 watts and 1500 watts will be ideal. Most bathrooms on the market have enough power capability for a small bathroom, which is why looking at the next feature is important.

Heat Distribution Range

Don’t just get satisfied by the fact that your ideal heater has 1250watts. Instead, ask how large a bathroom can that heater serve? If the heater can only handle a 90 square feet bathroom and you have a 100 sq. ft. bathroom, look for a bigger heater one. Most heaters perform poorly when their heat distribution systems get clogged, meaning the smaller range heater will never adequately serve your needs? Fortunately, most heaters will provide estimates of the size of the bathroom they can serve. Compare the estimates with the size of your bathroom and pick a heater that will serve you accordingly.

Installation Type

Bathroom heaters can be installed on the wall, the ceiling or provide heater distribution while they lay somewhere in your garage. Most heaters designed specifically for bathroom space heating are small and easy to install on the wall or ceiling. Pick a ceiling fan if you have a ceiling fan box in your bathroom. Alternatively, choose a wall mounted heater that could be screwed permanently to the wall for safety reasons.

Thermostat Controls

Whether you prefer a manual set device or one with digital controls, the choice lies in your hands. A digital control panel will often have more options. It is also easier to control. By contrast, manual control panels allow you to change heat settings albeit not precisely as a digital heater would.


One of the most prudent decisions you can make when buying a bathroom heater is picking one that will serve you for a long time. Look at the materials used to make the unit, read online reviews and go for a heater that will outlast its era. If not, you may end up picking a heater that will need cleaning every couple of days in order to distribute heat.

Where and How to Install a Bathroom Heater

While you may have heard that heaters can be attached to the wall or ceiling, it asks for more diligence to know that your ideal heater can perfectly attach onto the location you want it. With a wall heater, for instance, you must know whether it is hooked or screwed permanently on the wall. If you have to screw the unit, you must have enough unobstructed space on your wall.

If you decide to buy a heater and extractor fan, you have several decisions to make before you can install the unit. Assess your venting option and drill a duct that will help force moisture out of your bathroom. Of course, the duct should be drilled in a way leading out of the bathroom. If you have a ceiling heater, you must have an electricity cable to serve it. On the other hand, if you are someone with no intention to have a heater visible in your bathroom, consider radiant floor heating. Radiant floor heater installation ensures that the heater lies some distance away from the drainage system on the floor, but with the ability to produce heat to your bathroom.

How to Install a Bathroom Heater

Once you determine the location to install your bathroom heater, switch off the main electrical supply unit and follow the following instructions:

  1. Step1: Mark and Drill Installation Holes

    Since most bathroom heaters are screwed onto walls or ceilings, prepare to make some drilling in your bathroom. Place your heater exactly where you want to install it and mark the places screws will pass through. Use the right drill to make holes on those marks and hang your heater properly. Use fastening bolts if your wall is made from gypsum plasterboard.

  2. Step 2: Electrical Connection

    An electrical connection can be trickier than hanging the heater. But it isn’t impossible when you have the right tools. Simply follow instructions provided and pay special attention to the supply voltage needed by your heater. Make the appropriate electrical wiring needed or call a professional for help. Modern bathroom heaters will often feature an electrical outlet and cable for easy connection once you complete the wiring.

Costs to Run a Bathroom Heater

No one wants to pay large sums of money on electrical bills every year. Few people can afford to waste money on unnecessary bills anyway. This makes it extremely prudent to buy a bathroom heater that will incur minimal energy costs. Additionally, you will need a heater that isn’t too big for your needs, as this could mean more energy costs that could avoid

The cheapest option when considering an energy saving bathroom heater is a portable heater. They are small and mainly designed for small bathrooms. Portable heaters will often utilize a heating element with no more than 1500watts power production. However, the heaters will be more effective depending on where installed. Generally, ceiling heaters are more effective in heat distribution compared to a wall mounted ceiling. Ceiling fans are also safer and sometimes more energy efficient.

The priciest of bathroom heaters are those installed on the floor. Some people know them as radiant floor heaters, and they are great if you don’t hate installing devices in the visible location of your bathroom. When it comes to costs of maintenance, however, you won’t like them. Not only are they expensive to install, but they are also costly when they malfunction. If your costs of running a bathroom heater are deep in your mind, avoid radiant floor heaters.

Bathroom Heater Safety Tips

Safety should always be your priority when buying any electrical device. With bathroom heaters, the safety of the heater is determined by its way of installation and design. Many brands provide what is known as IP safety number to guide you on the distance to your showers you should install the device. Usually, the farther away from the water sources you install your unit, the better. Generally, ceiling mounted heaters are safer than their wall counterparts. However, a well mounted wall ceiling can still provide the safety your family deserves.

A quality bathroom heater can keep you warm as you take your showers, but it could also expose you to danger. Take the following precautions and safety tips to ensure you and your family members are always safe from the dangers associated with such an electrically powered device.

  1. Buy a heater with a thermal overload protection. Sometimes heaters overheat, which could expose you to grave danger. Take the precaution of buying a heater with a thermal overload protection mechanism. This way the heater can shut off when it overheats or tips over.
  2. Hang the heater’s electrical cord. The last thing you want in a bathroom is anything that could trip you in a bathroom. Even without a heater, falling in a bathroom is risky. Take the extra caution of hanging any electrical wires in a way they couldn’t fall.
  3. Avoid Touching the Heater. Older model bathroom heaters are not flame resistant. They burn like hot iron. Bathroom heaters that run quietly are especially dangerous because you can tell whether they are operational or not. Choose a modern heater that is flame resistant. Alternatively, buy a heater whose outer casing is fireproof and not dangerous if you accidentally touch it.
  4. Avoid Window Bathroom heaters. If you find a heater that asks you to install it near the bathroom window for efficient heat distribution, avoid it. If you buy it, ask a professional to install it correctly. Window bathroom fans easily trip and cause harm as they draw air from the exterior of your bathroom.
  5. Regularly inspect and clean your heater. Every two weeks, inspect your heater to check for debris clogging. Remove the exterior casing and clean the heater while the power source is already turned off.
  6. Shut it off when not in use. If your heater is manually operated, always shut it off and preferably unplug it after use.

Bottom Line

You probably want to buy a bathroom heater because you are tired of showering while the whole bathroom is cold. Maybe your old heater is inefficient. But in spite of your reasons, buy the best bathroom heater you can afford. At your own budget, you can find a heater that is easy to install, effortless to maintain and efficient for your bathroom needs. If you revisit our bathroom heater reviews above, you will probably find one capable providing heat in your bathroom efficiently. But for now, consider the type of bathroom heater your family deserves, evaluate your options and later buy the heater for them.

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