Best Bathroom Vanities Reviews (Guide 2021)

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The best bathroom vanities can tie your small bathroom space together and offer enough space for you to store important items. If you have private items you would like hidden from the eyes of your guests, the vanity’s drawers can serve you perfectly. Modern vanities also add aesthetics to your bathroom, completing the bathroom sink and faucet assembly. But as important as vanities are, choosing the right one isn’t always easy. Read on for our bathroom vanities reviews along with a guide to help you pick the ideal unit for your home.

There are several varieties of bathroom vanities in today’s online market. Cabinet style, contemporary, and antique bathroom vanities are the most popular. They all have their pros and cons, though, but reading on to find a vanity of each type will help you decide what style fits your bathroom the best.

Best Bathroom Vanities in 2021

Top 6 Bathroom Vanities Reviewed

eclife B10W Small Bathroom Vanity

best bathroom vanityIf you’re looking for the smallest bathroom vanity, one of the best bathroom vanities is the eclife B10W model. It’s compact, modern, and stylish. It measures just 16 inches in length and features a wall mount design, taking up less space on your bathroom floor, which is a perfect fit for small bathroom decor.

This bathroom vanity comes as a complete kit. It includes the vanity itself, as well as the sink and faucet. Additionally, it includes the plumbing hardware, such as water supply lines, a water supply hose, and a pop-up drain.

The vanity is made of 15mm thick MDF, which is an eco-friendly and moisture proof material that makes the structure of this unit durable and sturdy. The doors sit on 304 stainless steel hinges, which provide reliable opening and closing of the vanity.

As for the sink, it’s made of white resin and stone powder. It has the same size as the vanity, which creates a nice seamless look. And the included faucet is made of solid brass that is plated with chrome. It has a flow rate of 1.5 GPM, though still delivers good water pressure thanks to the included aerator.

This bathroom vanity is fairly easy to install. Especially, since it comes with all the parts that you’ll need for the assembly. It comes with the standard supply lines for hot and cold water. It also includes a water hose with a P-trap for drainage. Lastly, in the package, you also get a pop-up drain that matches the chrome faucet finish.


  • Compact design.
  • Wall mount.
  • Dimensions: 16 x 9.8 x 20.3 inches.
  • MDF vanity material.
  • White resin sink.
  • Water saving chrome faucet.
  • Includes plumbing hardware.
  • White and grey options available.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Shallow sink.

eclife T03B02

best bathroom cabinetFor a compact black bathroom vanity, one product that stands out is the eclife T03B02. Similar to the previous eclife vanity, it also comes as a complete kit. However, additionally, it includes a mirror that matches the style of the vanity.

The vanity is made of 15mm thick MDF. It’s a durable material that has a smooth surface with vivid wood texture, which would look appealing in modern decor. This material is also moisture proof, which is an important aspect to look for in a high quality bathroom vanity.

Though relatively small in size, this bathroom vanity does offer a good amount of storage. There are two small drawers and two doors that open to a more spacious compartment. There’s plenty of space to store your towels and other bathroom items.

The doors also feature a soft close mechanism and zinc alloy handles. The vanity also uses stainless steel hinges and slides for the drawers. Overall, the construction is very durable and it’s designed for many years of use.

On top of the vanity, sits a stylish sink. This particular model includes one that features a square shaped design and that is made of white glossy ceramic. However, there are a few other options available, so you can pick one that would be more suitable for your existing bathroom decor.

If you like the white ceramic style, there’s one round sink and another square shaped design available. And if you would a sink made of tempered glass, there are different color options, such as blue, green, red, and transparent.

Other parts included with this bathroom vanity are a 1.5 GPM faucet, water supply lines and hose, and a drain assembly. There’s also a mirror that measures 20 by 27.6 inches.


  • Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 32 inches.
  • Black MDF material.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Soft close doors.
  • Durable hardware.
  • Glossy white ceramic sink.
  • Multiple other sink options available.
  • Durable chrome faucet.
  • Includes all the necessary plumbing hardware.
  • Includes mirror.
  • Budget price.
  • Comes unassembled.

Fine Fixtures OPUR30WA

bathroom vanity reviewsThe Fine Fixtures OPUR30WA is also one of the top rated bathroom vanities. It features a sleek design with a seamless look, which is achieved by the handle-free doors.

This vanity measures 30 inches in length and it offers spacious storage where you can keep your towels, soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries and bath items. It features a shelf in the bottom and two doors that open up the compartment that gives access to the plumbing.

If you like this design of the bathroom vanity, keep in mind also that there are other size options available, so you can choose a unit that is bigger or smaller. The available lengths are 20, 24, 36, and 60 inches.

Moreover, this model is available as a one sink and double sink option. If you’re sharing a bathroom, you might prefer the convenience of having two sinks. So there’s an option for almost any bathroom, big and small.

The material used for this vanity’s construction is high quality engineered plywood. It’s a lightweight, yet durable material, which does not crack or warp when exposed to moisture.

The color of the plywood on this vanity is walnut. However, you can also choose either grey or white color if that would be more suitable for your bathroom decor.

This high quality bathroom vanity also includes a sink. It’s a ceramic sink that has a white glossy finish. It’s stain resistant, which makes it easy to keep up its white shine.

The sink is built with an elegant overflow, which helps prevent overspills. Moreover, the sink features pre-drilled holes for the sink and drain. However, these parts are not included and must be purchased separately. When choosing a faucet for this vanity, keep in mind that it has only one pre-drilled hole, so you would need to buy a single hole bathroom faucet.


  • Dimensions: 30 x 18.31 x 32.68 inches.
  • Durable plywood.
  • Soft closing doors.
  • Grey, white, and walnut color options.
  • Multiple size options.
  • Comes in a single and double sink designs.
  • Spacious storage.
  • Ceramic sink.
  • Comes pre-assembled.
  • The faucet and drain are not included.

eclife T03E02CC

top rated bathroom vanityAnother good wall mounted bathroom vanity is the eclife T03E02CC model. It’s a 24 inches vanity that is perfect for small to medium sized bathrooms. It’s also a good choice for those shopping on a budget as similar to other eclife vanities on our list, this is also an inexpensive bathroom vanity.

The structure of the vanity is made of MDF, so its construction is durable and sturdy. The durability is also provided by the use of stainless steel hinges that provide reliable door functioning. Moreover, these hinges provide soft closing functionality, so you won’t have to worry about banging doors.

This vanity comes only in one color, which is grey. So, unfortunately, there are no other color options to suit different bathroom styles.

However, what you can choose is the style of the sink. You can opt for either a white ceramic or tempered glass sink. The ceramic sink option can either be round or square shaped. And the tempered glass sink can only be round, but you choose the preferred color among the blue, green, and red options. Alternatively, you can also choose the transparent option.

The vanity also includes a chrome plated faucet. It’s a durable faucet that is equipped with a ceramic disc cartridge. It’s also a faucet that is made with water conservation in mind as it includes an aerator that limits the water flow to 1.5 gallons per minute.

Additionally, the kit comes with a 19.7 by 23.6 inches mirror, a wooden shelf that you can hang under the mirror, and plumbing hardware.


  • Wall mount design.
  • Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 19.7 inches.
  • Sturdy MDF construction.
  • Soft close doors.
  • Two drawers offer ample storage.
  • White ceramic/tempered glass sink.
  • Different color options of the tempered glass sink.
  • Includes a chrome plated faucet and a pop-up drain.
  • Includes a mirror, shelf, and other parts.
  • Low price.
  • Requires full assembly.

UrbanFurnishing Clara

highly rated single bathroom vanityThe UrbanFurnishing Clara is also one of the highly rated compact bathroom vanities. It features a minimalist modern design and comes in a selection of four vibrant colors that can make any bathroom look trendy. They include white, grey, green, and blue.

The vanity features solid wood construction, so it’s strong and sturdy. It stands on feet that you can adjust if you have an uneven floor. These feet are also metal capped, which adds a bit of a luxurious feel to the design.

For storage, the vanity offers two compartments. One of them is a drawer and the other is a tip-out tray. This tip-out tray allows to more efficiently use the vanity’s storage, without wasting under sink space. Both the drawer and the tip-out tray feature soft close hinges, which prevent any banging of the doors.

This elegant bathroom vanity also includes a sink and counter that are made of porcelain. It’s a non-porous material that is very easy to keep clean, so it won’t take much effort to maintain the sink and its white shine. Moreover, the sink is integrated into the vanity, so you won’t have to deal with the sink installation.

Another advantage of this stylish bathroom vanity is that it comes almost fully assembled. All you’ll have to do once it arrives is mount the legs and add your faucet. And installing the faucet should also be a breeze since the vanity comes with a pre-drilled hole for it. However, you would need to purchase a faucet separately.


  • Compact design.
  • Dimensions: 24.4 x 18.5 x 34 inches.
  • Available in 4 trendy colors.
  • 20 inches option available.
  • Solid construction.
  • Includes one drawer and one tip-out tray.
  • Soft close.
  • Includes a porcelain sink.
  • Pre-drilled faucet hole.
  • Except for the legs, comes fully assembled.
  • Does not include a faucet or drain.
  • Relatively expensive.

WindBay WMM024-BK-ME

bathroom vanity recommendationsThe last mention in our bathroom vanity reviews is the WindBay WMM024-BK-ME model, which also features a wall mount design. This particular model comes in black color. However, there are other options available, such as white, light and dark grey.

This bathroom vanity is made with durability in mind. First of all, it’s made of a wood composite that gives it a sturdy structure. And secondly, to make the structure even stronger, it’s built with heavy duty brackets.

The vanity features two doors that are mounted on hydraulic hinges that provide a soft closing mechanism. Behind the doors, there’s a spacious compartment where you can keep various bath items. This compartment also gives you access to the plumbing under the sink.

This bathroom vanity also comes with an integrated countertop and sink. The sink is made of durable composite stone, which is additionally polished to provide a stain and scratch resistant surface. Moreover, the sink features a single pre-drilled hole, so it comes ready for a faucet install.

In addition to the sink, the vanity includes two handles for the doors and assembly hardware. However, for the complete install, you’ll need a few other things. You’ll need to separately purchase hardware for wall mounting the vanity, a faucet, and other plumbing parts.


  • Wall mount.
  • Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 22.8 inches.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Sturdy design with heavy duty brackets.
  • Hydraulic soft closing hinges.
  • Durable composite stone sink.
  • Polished sink surface.
  • Pre-drilled hole for a faucet.
  • Does not include the hardware for installing the unit to a wall.
  • Comes disassembled.
  • Faucet not included.
  • Relatively expensive.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity?

Now that you know the top selling bathroom vanities on the market, discover what will help you find the ideal vanity for your bathroom. Learn how to pick the right size, the right material, and the style for a vanity within your budget in the following guide. And since bathroom vanities are permanent fixtures, it’s important that you are keen to understand all these elements.


Bathroom vanities are not created equal. They come built with different materials. Some of these materials could affect their durability, strength or reaction to humidity. Wood, for instance, is the most common construction material you will find around. A quality wooden made will provide great durability, but it’s also not always immune to excess humidity. Solid wood that contains protective varnish is the best, followed by rubber wood if you want more durability.

As you will probably find out, bathroom vanity manufacturers make the countertops with different sort of materials. This is important for you as the countertop tends to add style and durability to the vanity also. Granite sand, marble, and other natural metal products are most often used for the countertop. Simply choose a vanity whose countertop is aesthetically appealing and durable as well.


Bathroom vanities take different sizes and heights. You want to find a vanity that will fit in the space you have yet provide you the storage capacity you need. Measure the space you have at the bathroom first before deciding on a size to go with. In most cases, you will have to settle for a smaller vanity than the space you need due to installation reasons. With that in mind, average bathroom sizes range between 20 inches and 50 inches. They are often rectangular shaped and have different heights depending on the number of drawers. The average height for bathroom vanities is 32 inches, with some very tall models measuring 40 inches or more.

Vanity Types

For a long time, inexpensive bathroom vanities had one style of design: Free standing rectangular shaped. Today, there are several types of vanities to suit the needs of different people. The most common style to date is still the freestanding design. The vanity seats on the floor while one side is attached to the walls using screws. However, if you are looking for a more different style, consider the following:

  1. Floating Vanity. These bathroom vanities are mounted on the wall, saving you on space and improving the overall appearance of your bathroom. If you have limited space in your bathroom, consider buying this type of vanity.
  2. Glass Vanities. Glass vanities are not different from other types of vanities expect for the fact that they are made from glass. They are modern style bathroom vanities, providing an open space experience yet lockable for privacy.
  3. Open Space. An open space vanity has some storage areas not confined by doors and instead left open. Some modern vanities take advantage of the inviting nature of open space vanities by leaving one drawer open space.
  4. Double sink vanities. Several types of vanities provide two sinks on the countertop instead of one. Some provide a basin and a sink at the countertop. These new types of bathroom vanities came along in the last decade and are quite popular on the modern market.

There are several other styles such as vanities that allow you to customize the countertop to your advantage. If you love antiques, there are plenty of bathroom vanities to suit your bathroom needs. On the modern market, you will also find vanities that combine elements of traditional vanities with the modern styles.


Bathroom vanities need to be installed at the end of it all. You want a model that will give you the easiest time in installation. In that sense, settle for a vanity that comes fully assembled with the sink and countertop intact. If you have a flexible budget, buy a vanity with a faucet, pop up drain and accessories needed for installation.


There is more to a bathroom vanity than drawers. The best vanities come with a myriad of features to make your experience using it convenient. Buy a vanity with the most useful features for your situation. These features include a faucet, sink drainage accessories and locks for the drawers.

Cost and Warranty

Bathroom vanities differ greatly in price. Small bathroom vanities are the cheapest, while bigger vanities with more impressive designs come at a higher cost. On the other hand, ensure that you buy a vanity protected by a warranty.

How to Install a Bathroom Vanity

Installing a bathroom vanity can be tricky. It is often easier to overlook simple steps when installing structures that come fully installed. If you are a keen person, however, installing any type of bathroom vanity will be easier. The following installation guide assumes you know your piping arrangements and you have the vanity already.

  1. Step one: Install a Faucet

    Most bathroom vanities don’t come with a faucet for costs reasons. However, all quality vanities will have space cutout for easy installation of a faucet. Disconnect the water lines and prepare to install the faucet. Mark the walls to show you the space that the new vanity will take. This will help you install the faucet at the right place. It also ensures that your sink and its drainage systems will fall into place once you install the vanity.

  2. Step Two: Remove the Doors and Drawers

    Vanities are easiest to install when you have already remove the drawers. Many manufacturers provide a guide on how to unhinge the doors for easier installation. Remove them and set the vanity in place according to the marks you earlier made. Ensure that the vanity seats into place on all sides. If one side is not on a level with the rest, use shims to make all sides fall into perfect position.

  3. Step Three: Drills Holes to Install the Vanity onto walls

    Some vanities are installed onto the walls with the help of screws. Drill holes at strategic areas on the back side of the vanity to fit with its studs or screws. Use a tile bit to drill holes on tile walls and a wood bit if you need to drill holes on the vanity. For sturdiness, use wall anchors that will fit the type of wall you have.

  4. Step Three: Install the Sink

    Installing the sink should come last. Some people also install the faucet together with the sink. For installing the sink, assemble all the accessories you will need for the installation. Add silicone adhesive the opening in the vanity and the opening on the sink’s rim. Set the sink on the vanity, preferably while using the help of another person. Reconnect the drain and then the water supplies. Replace old water valves and connect the piping accordingly. Add caulk around the sink to make it last.

  5. Step Four: Test for Leaks

    Turn on the water pipes to test for leaks before you reattach the vanity doors and drawers.

Bottom Line

The right time to find the best bathroom vanity is when everyone is on holidays. Companies are lower prices to attract buyers at the time. But as you may have realized in our bathroom vanities reviews above, you can’t find the right bathroom vanity when you don’t have the features you know. As such, make a point to size up your bathroom, identify the amount of space you need and shop around to find the ideal vanity for your situation.

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