Best Fogless Shower Mirror Reviews (Top 6 in 2021)

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Shaving in the shower is perfect for those that like multitasking. It allows you to wash your body and remove any unwanted hairs at the same time. This can make your morning grooming routine a lot more effective, saving some of that valuable time in your busy day. However, for the process, you will need a mirror and regular mirrors have a tendency to fog up in a steamy shower. That’s why a better alternative is getting a fogless shower mirror, which would allow you to clearly see yourself without having to constantly wipe it off. There are many options available on the market and if you’re looking for the best fogless shower mirror, we recommend checking out our reviews of the top 6 products in 2021.

Top 6 Fogless Shower Mirrors in 2021

Best Fogless Shower Mirrors Reviewed

The Shave Well Company Deluxe Fog-Free Shower Mirror

best fogless shower mirrorThe top rated fogless shower mirror in 2021 comes from The Shave Well Company. It’s an affordable shower mirror that is easy to install and to keep it fog-free for safe shaving.

One of the advantages of this mirror is its simple and secure installation. Instead of the unreliable suction cup installation, which is commonly used in other dogless shower mirrors, this model uses an adhesive hook that you can attach to tile or natural stone.

The mirror hangs on this hanging hook that holds solidly in place. This means that you don’t have to permanently keep the mirror in the shower and you can easily remove it when you’re not using it, which would help prevent water spots from forming on its reflective surface.

Being able to easily remove the shower mirror is also handy for cleaning and for taking it with you when traveling. It can also be handy when you want to get a closer look at yourself and use the mirror as a handheld one.

To make your shaving routine more effortless and more convenient, it comes in a fairly large design. It measures 6.83 by 5.25 inches, which is big enough for a comfortable shaving experience.

This shower mirror uses basic science to provide fog-free performance. Before use, you just need to under a hot shower stream for a few seconds. This would equalize the temperature of the shower and the mirror, preventing any condensation from forming on top of the reflective surface.


ToiletTree Products Delux Fogless Shower Mirror

fogless shower mirror reviewsToiletTree Products Deluxe shower mirror is also one of the best rated fogless mirrors on the market today. Made of high quality acrylic, the mirror will not shatter in the case of an accidental knock or fall. If you love your mirror hanging on the wall, this model in a clean, modern design with a thin frame that will look great in any bathroom.

For installation, the mirror comes with double-sided adhesive tape. It allows securely attaching the mirror mount without damaging the tiles or shower walls. It also provides more solid mounting than the use of a suction cup.

So you can get a better view, the fogless mirror comes with a bigger reflective surface that measures 6 by 7.75 inches. The reflective surface sits also within a thin frame, which gives the overall dimensions of 6.5 by 8 inches.

Similar to the above mentioned fogless shower mirror, this one also uses science to provide a fogless performance. It also requires equalizing the temperature of the mirror and the hot shower steam. To make the mirror of the same temperature as the shower, you just need to add hot water to its reservoir. This will keep the mirror fogless for as long as you shower. And when you’re done, you need to spin it upside down and the reservoir will empty all the water.

The mirror also comes with a few other extra useful features. First of all, it sits on a flexible mount, so you can rotate and tilt it in different directions. Secondly, it’s designed with two convenient hooks that allow you to hang your razor, loofah, or any other item that you would like to keep within reach in the shower. Lastly, it includes a squeegee, which allows effortless clean up and which stores inside the shelf when not in use.


ToiletTree Products TTP-LED Fog Free Shower Mirror

best fog free shower mirrorIf you’re looking for an even bigger fogless shower mirror, we recommend checking out the ToiletTree Products TTP-LED model. It measures 9.5 by 7.5 inches, so it offers plenty of reflective surface for comfortably shaving or removing makeup.

Another advantage of this high quality, shatterproof fogless shower mirror is the simplicity of its installation. It comes with a silicone adhesive, which makes it very easy to stick the mirror to your shower wall. The adhesive provides a reliable hold of the mirror. Moreover, this silicone adhesive is removable, so you can easily remove the mirror without leaving any residue behind.

The technology used to provide the fogless performance is the same as with the previous ToiletTree Products mirror. It also uses an integrated chamber that you fill before use with hot or warm water and then empty it after you’ve finished showering. This design ensures that the mirror and the inside of your shower have the same temperature, the result of which is that the reflective surface stays fog free.

There are additional features that many users will find very useful. One of them is a shelf, which provides convenient storage space for your razor, tweezers, or any other small item that you would like to keep there. Another one is the LED light, which provides the illumination needed for proper removal of makeup or when shaving. With the mirror, you also get a self-stored squeegee that you can use for quick cleanup of the mirror by removing any excess drops.


HoneyBull Fogless Shower Mirror

good fogless shower shaving mirrorAnother great low budget fogless shower mirror option comes from HoneyBull. It’s a good choice for those that don’t want the mirror to be a permanent installation. It mounts using a suction cup, so you can remove and attach it whenever needed. And it attaches to almost any bathroom surface, such as tile, glass, marble, or enamel.

However, the downside of suction cups is that if you don’t properly attach them to the wall, you risk it falling to the floor. So it’s important to make sure that it has good suction when mounted.

To keep the reflective surface fog free, the mirror features a special anti-fog coating. This provides fogless performance without the need to hold the mirror under hot water. The coating will ensure that there’s no condensation even if your shower gets really hot and steamy.

Another good feature of this shower mirror is the swivel. This allows tilting it in different directions, which can be handy when used by people of different heights.

At the bottom of the mirror, there’s also a built in hook. You can conveniently store there your razor. Alternatively, you could use the hook for other bathroom accessories.


Mirrorvana Anti-Fog Shower Mirror

top rated fogless shower mirrorMirrorvana is yet another customer favorite fog free shower mirror. With high quality plastic frame that prevents wall rusting or damage and a shatterproof surface, the low budget mirror could survive in your shower for a very long time.

What sets this mirror apart from other fogless shower mirrors is its dual anti-fog design. It not only features anti-fog coating that prevents condensation from sticking to the reflective surface but also comes with a built-in chamber in the back. If the mirror still starts fogging up in a really steamy shower, you can add hot water to the chamber, which will additionally help prevent the fog from building up.

This anti-fog shower mirror mounts using a suction cup. It features an upgraded suction mechanism, which gives extra suction power for a more secure hold. It easily attaches to any smooth and flat surface, such as tile, ceramic, glass, or fiberglass. So you can attach to almost any surface in your bathroom.

Another feature of this mirror is the swivel mechanism that allows 360 degrees rotation. This means that you can get the mirror to point more down or more upward, as well as sideways or any other angle that would give you the best view.

However, keep in mind that there’s no razor hook on this mirror. So if you would like to keep your razor close to the mirror, you would have to purchase a razor holder separately.


ReflectXL Fogless Shower Mirror

high quality no fog shower mirrorReflectXL is a large 7.6 by 5.6 inches mirror that offers quality reflection and durability. The mirror is made of high quality acrylic. This material is stronger than glass, which makes it safer as it won’t shatter if you drop it. Moreover, acrylic creates a more uniform surface, which means that you get a better reflection of yourself.

This mirror doesn’t use any anti-fog coating or special chamber. Instead, it uses a more simple design. To get the fog-free performance, you need to hold it under hot water to warm it up and this will adequately prevent fog. Since it doesn’t use any special coating, you won’t have to worry about it degrading after a few months and becoming junk.

The mirror includes two hooks and a rope. The hooks you can attach anywhere in your bathroom using the supplied self-adhesive tape. And if in the future you would like to remove these hooks, you can easily do it without leaving any marks or damage. You could also then reattach them using any other self-adhesive tape.

You can hang the mirror with the supplied rope either on one of these two hooks and any other hook that you might already have in your shower. And when you’re done shaving and showering, you can remove the mirror, dry it to prevent water spots, and conveniently store it away.

Since this mirror doesn’t sit on any mount and instead just hangs on a rope, it doesn’t stick out from the wall. This can be good for those that have limited space in their shower.


What Is a Fogless Mirror?

To understand what a fogless mirror is, it important to know what causes fog on your mirrors. Basically, hot water droplets condense when they fall on a cooler surface, forming what is known as fog. Fog can only be formed if you are in an enclosed area, and that there are enough hot water droplets to condense on a surface such as a mirror.

For anyone who loves shaving in the shower, fog can be pretty annoying, since you have to keep wiping the mirror off to view your body parts clearly. A fogless mirror helps you eliminate this problem by utilizing science to prevent fogging on the mirror.

There are two major ways in which a fogless mirror works to prevent fog from forming on the mirror:

  1. Utilizing hot water. As already mentioned, fog is formed when hot water droplets are cooled on a surface such a mirror. But when the temperatures on the mirror are similar to those of the water droplets, fog can’t happen. This science is applied to fogless mirrors with the help of a reservoir, where you add hot water to keep the mirror’s temperatures high.
  2. Treatments. Instead of having a reservoir that adds weight and responsibilities to you, pretreated mirrors allow you to shave in front of a fog free mirror with little demands. These mirrors contain a coating that is resistant to fog or one that completely prevents condensation.


One of the major concerns people have always had with fogless mirrors is that they are not always fog free. What happens if you don’t add hot water to the reservoir? Does the treatment coating last forever? Pretreated fogless mirrors are especially notorious for failing to keep fog free. Only the best rated among them have a high efficiency rate. In most cases, be prepared to replace your mirror after some while. But for a minimum of two years, many fogless mirrors function efficiently, keeping the fog away and offering a clear view of your body parts.

Size and Quality

Fogless mirrors resemble normal mirrors in many ways. To start with, they are designed from shatter-free materials for durability. They have adhesive or a hook for easy installation, and a shelf to help you hold your razor and other items. The quality of the mirror varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Better rated mirrors are better in quality, and they are more likely to provide a completely fog free view than poorly rated mirrors.

How to Choose the Best Fogless Shower Mirror

As you’ve probably learned, it is difficult to find a shower mirror that never fogs up at some point. Most of them, and especially the cheap models, tend to fog up after some time. But since there are a few quality mirrors that stay fog free when you need to use them, this guide offers the professional advice you will need to find the right fogless shower mirror.


Before you even look at the price, ensure that you are looking for an easy to install fogless mirror. A quality mirror will often feature an installation hook or adhesive to let you slide it on the tiles. Some will also come with a stand for easy installation on the bathroom countertop. While adhesives may not last for long in a hot shower, a quality hook will help your mirror stay in place effectively.


Just like you would do when buying any other type of mirror, consider the size you will be most comfortable with. Fogless mirrors are typically shaped as squares, rectangles or circles. They measure 5X5 inches on average, but the size can get as high as your budget limits you. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy the largest mirror you get. Modern fogless mirrors have rotating arms that can help you view every part of your body with ease. With that in mind, select a medium sized mirror that could offer the flexibility you need.


Simply because it is fog free, it does not mean it is clean free. These mirrors get dusty, dirtied by soapy water or anything else that gets hold of them. Select a fogless mirror that is also easy to clean. The best mirrors ask for only one clean wipe per shower, and they will take care of fog. However, some mirrors are tedious to maintain, especially those that demand special sprays for cleaning.


All the bestselling fogless mirrors have an angled arm. The arm helps you install the mirror at the right angle for you. The best mirrors have an arm that rotates 360 degrees for an unlimited viewing angle. Not all fogless mirrors have this feature though. When buying your fogless mirror, ensure that you can turn it around and not just hang it at one angle.


While many fogless mirrors come with an option to insert light, one that magnifies the size of your leg hairs and whiskers will help you do a better shaving job. Of course, both magnification and lighting are important, which is why you better pick a mirror with both features. The best fog free mirrors have a magnification power up to five times the size of your whiskers. They are, however, more expensive than normal mirrors. If you are confident with the quality of lighting in your bathroom, you don’t have to look for a mirror with the highest magnification power. But if getting every bit of hair from your legs and other parts is important, choose a mirror with better magnification.


While many modern fogless showers allow you to insert light for clearer views, few of them actually come with lights. You have to pick the right light to help you have the best views of where to shave. Choose LED lighting for the best views and for durability purposes. Select brighter bulbs if you have a dim shower. Also, select bulbs that shine brightly even under heavy moisture and steam. You need proper lighting to eliminate shadows and anything else that may hinder you from having a clear view.

Accessory Hooks

A good mirror shower comes with everything you need, including important accessories such as hooks. Hooks help you install the mirror safely. They also help you hook your razor into place. In addition to hooks, check for a shelf where you can place important items as you shower. You will need a place for the tweezers and sponges, and you can’t hook all of them.

Break Resistance

Durability is an important factor to keep in mind as you buy your shower mirror. The best mirrors come with a shatter proof build to make them last as long as possible. Select a mirror made from acrylic, and one with quality plastic or metal frames for durability. This will keep the mirror less prone to breakages.

Bottom Line

While a simple tool, buying the best fogless shower mirror is not an easy task. You have to deal with a myriad of issues to assure you that you are buying the right product. You also have to worry about style and the price, so that you can be certain you are getting value by buying the particular product. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong fogless mirror if you pick any product from our fogless shower mirrors reviews above. Think about your reasons for a shower mirror, the pros and cons of each of the mirrors reviewed above and select the most ideal among them.

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