Best Frameless Sliding Shower Doors Reviews (2021)

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When handling new shower installations, one of the decisions to make is what type of shower door you should buy. Should you buy a single or two panel shower door? Should it be a pivot shower door or a sliding one? One of the most popular choices among modern home owners today is to buy a frameless sliding shower door. They are elegant, most of them are designed from durable glass, and there is always a perfect design for everyone. In our reviews of the best frameless sliding shower doors, we explore the top six best rated products that are available on the market in 2021. Read on to find the perfect frameless sliding shower doors for your home.

Keep in mind that sliding shower doors are a special breed of doors. They are made based on specific needs, and hence you don’t want to change your mind halfway.

Top 6 Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors Reviewed


best frameless sliding shower doorsThis Vigo model stuns with its elegant frameless design. The glass door combines a mix of quality craftsmanship with a design that reflects an urban style. For extra strength and durability, Dreamline’s door measures 3/8 inches thick and a high quality coating on the exterior for better protection. The shower door is also large and adjustable for easy installation.


  • Clear, Elegant Glass Design. Vigo looks strikingly stylish thanks to the clear glass design. This contemporary design also looks cleaner and makes the space of a bathroom look bigger.
  • Durable construction. It’s made of 3/8 inches thick tempered glass, so it’s built to last for years of safe use. The surface of the glass is also resistant to fingerprints and hard water spots, making it easy to keep clean. Moreover, the glass doors feature high quality stainless steel hardware, such as the rollers and handle. They are resistant to rust and are also made to last many users of use.
  • Customizable width. First of all, you can choose if you want left or right-side installation. Secondly, the design is adjustable to fit different widths of showering openings. To start with, there are several width options that you can choose from. You can choose doors that are as narrow as 48 inches and as wide as 72 inches. And each of these widths is adjustable. For example, if you choose the 60 inches option, it’s adjustable from 56 to 60 inches.
  • Adjustable alignment. The design also features adjustable wall mount brackets, which help to get proper alignment of the two doors.
  • Different height options. You can also choose frameless glass doors that would perfectly fit the height of your shower alcove, with the available options being 66, 74, 76 inches.
  • Smooth sliding action. Once installed by a professional, the frameless door slides left and right effortlessly. The door holds wheel assemblies attached to a stainless steel track to enable this action. However, the installation of these frameless glass shower doors is better done by two people, since they are heavy, and by professionals, since it requires precision to get everything properly aligned.


Woodbridge MBSDC6076-B

frameless sliding shower doors reviewsThe Woodbridge MBSDC6076-B is another great option for anyone in need of stylish frameless sliding shower doors. With its clear glass design, Woodbridge introduces a touch of modernity and aesthetic appeal that will make any bathroom look attractive.


  • Quality build. This Woodbridge frameless sliding shower door is built similarly to the Vigo model. It has 3/8 inches thick tempered glass that has a special coating that prevents staining and hard water buildup, which helps to reduce cleaning time. Moreover, it also has stainless steel hardware, which is designed for durability and smooth sliding door action. However, on top of this, the Woodbridge model also has a protective film on the glass. If you shatter the glass, the film will hold all the fragments in place, preventing them from getting scattered all over your bathroom floor.
  • Attractive design. The clear glass design looks contemporary and offers the benefit of visually enhancing your shower alcove. This frameless glass sliding door also comes in a variety of finishes, so you can choose one that would be the most compatible with your bathroom decor. The available finishes are chrome, matte black, brushed nickel, and brushed gold.
  • Width adjustability. First, you can choose either the 48 or 60 inch model, depending on how wide your shower opening is. Then, the chosen width can also be trimmed up to 4 inches, so you can get the perfect width. For example, the 60 inch shower doors can be trimmed for a 56 inch opening, which would leave you with a 26 inch walk-in opening.
  • Adjustable wall mount brackets, making it easy to align the doors.
  • Two height options. You can choose between the 62 and 76 inches, depending on how much height you have in your shower.
  • Smooth sliding action. The door’s sliding action is enhanced with the help of a strong roller system. It provides effortless sliding with the door opening smoothly and quietly.
  • Reversible design. The sliding shower door can be installed either on the left or right side, depending on the shower’s configuration or your preference.
  • Lifetime warranty on glass components.


DreamLine Enigma-X

top rated frameless sliding shower doorsDreamLine SHDR Enigma-X is yet another frameless sliding shower door engineered with the exceptional craftsmanship expected from a top rated brand. For someone who is looking for quality and the contemporary look of a fully frameless design, this Enigma-X model is certainly one of the best options.


  • Stylish design and finish. This Dreamline’s frameless door features a clear glass design that will bring an air of sophistication to any bathroom decor. The clear glass design is also great for making the bathroom space look more spacious and more open. The stylish design is also accentuated by the beautiful finish of the roller system and handle. And according to your preference, you can choose either brushed or polished stainless steel finish.
  • Durable. For durability and strength, the door features a 3/8 inch thick glass and stainless steel hardware. The glass is also tempered, so it has increased strength compared to normal glass.
  • Clearmax coating. The glass of these shower doors features Clearmax technology. It’s a special coating that is designed to prevent stains and water spots. With this feature, upkeep is a breeze since the glass easily retains its shiny and clean look.
  • Efficient Sliding action. The Enigma-X sliding action design is meant to suspend the relatively heavy glass in between a rail of roller bearings that allow it to slide the door smoothly and silently both to the left and right side.
  • Reversible installation. You can choose how to install the doors. You can have the sliding door either on the left or right side.
  • Adjustable. This is a 60 inch frameless sliding shower door kit that can be trimmed up to 4 inches if you need to fit it into a smaller shower opening. Depending on how much you trim it, this makes the walk-in opening to be 22 to 26 inches. However, unlike most of the other frameless glass sliding doors mentioned in our list, this particular model does not come in a selection of sizes. It is only available in 60 inches width and 76 inches height.


Sunny Shower

good value for money frameless shower doorsThis Sunny Shower is one more top rated frameless sliding shower door. The unit combines elegance with quality to deliver a sliding action door that could change how you look at your bathroom’s interior decor. It’s made of anti-shatter glass, is fully frameless, and comes with adjustability to fit different bathrooms.


  • High quality. Made from tempered glass and finished with stainless steel hardware, the doors stand to last for many years. The glass measures 3/8 inches in thickness. It’s also clear glass, which is great at making the space of a bathroom look more modern and bright.
  • A few size options available. The Sunny Shower is made for medium or large sized showers. It’s available with width options of 60 and 64 inches. It also has two height options that are 72 and 76 inches.
  • Adjustability. This frameless glass sliding shower door has 1.5 inches width adjustment range. So if you buy the 60 inches doors, you could trim them to 58.5 inches. This adjustment range is smaller compared to other shower door models. So you should be more precise when measuring your shower alcove opening.
  • Smooth gliding action. The Sunny Shower door, like all other best frameless sliding doors, stands suspended on a rail of stainless steel bearings. These exposed rollers help with the smooth sliding movement whether you install the opening door on the left or right side.
  • Stable construction. In addition to its heavy duty design, the unit comes with a large pulley, rail support system, and hinges that enhance the stability of the whole construction.
  • Sealed. In addition to its heavy duty design, the unit comes with a waterproof seal that extends the whole length of the door. It keeps everything watertight and prevents leaks.


DreamLine SHDR-64607610-07 Enigma Air

premium frameless shower doorsThe DreamLine Enigma Air is also a top rated frameless glass door worth checking out. Similar to all other best rated glass sliding doors, Aston comes with a 3/8 inch thick. It measures 76 inches in height and has width measurements that could be adjusted to between 56 inches and 60 inches. For sliding action, the top unit features a high quality bearing system and a support bar on top to keep the heavy door stable.

  • Size and weight. This frameless door measures 76 inches in height and has a width that could be adjusted between 56 and 60 inches. This gives 4 inches of adjustment and provides a walk-through shower opening between 22 to 26 inches, depending on how much you trim the width of the two doors. However, if you’ll be considering buying this sliding shower door, keep in mind that it has no adjustment for uneven walls.
  • Quality design. The Anigma Air is a top end unit. With a glass, which is tempered and that is 3/8 inches thick, the unit stands as one of the strongest sliding shower doors on the market. On top of that, it has ClearMax coating, so you’ll have less hassle cleaning up stains and water marks.
  • Durable hardware. All of the hardware in this sliding shower door system is made of stainless steel. It makes the construction stable and durable. And you can choose if you want the stainless to be polished or brushed, so you can pick the doors that would better suit the interior design of your bathroom.
  • Superior sliding door system. The doors use a wheeled roller system to drive the door with a smooth action. The bearings are made from quality stainless steel, which makes them more durable than other materials.
  • Reversible installation. The sliding door can be installed on either left or right side. You can choose which side would be better for your shower’s configuration.


DreamLine SHDR-1948723L-01 Mirage-X

best frameless glass sliding shower doorsDreamline Mirage-X is one of the smallest frameless sliding doors on the market. In length, the door allows adjustments of between 44 inches and 48 inches. In height, the door measures 72 inches. Overall, these Dreamline shower doors are more suitable for smaller showers.


  • Well built. The Dreamline model stuns with its elegant design and sophisticated engineering. One feature that stands is the L-bar. There are no visible rollers, which creates a more streamlined look of the design. Overall, the unit’s design will make any bathroom look stylish and contemporary.
  • Durable. This Dreamline’s sliding shower door also performs well when it comes to durability. The glass itself measures 3/8 inches thick and like all the other sliding shower doors, it’s made of tempered glass. Additionally, the glass has ClearMax coating, which helps keep the surface of the glass free of stains and marks, easing maintenance. As for the hardware, it’s made of aluminum, which is a strong material. Though not as strong as stainless steel.
  • Adjustable. Except for adjusting the width between 44 and 48 inches, you can also make out-of-plumb adjustments. There are 3/8 inches of adjustability of the fixed panel, which can help to make the doors more aligned.
  • Two hardware finish options. To help you pick a finish that would match the existing fittings in your bathroom, these sliding shower doors come in two options. You can choose either the chrome or brushed nickel finish of the hardware.
  • Left wall installation. One disadvantage of these glass sliding shower doors is that they don’t have reversible installation. They are designed only for left wall installation, meaning that the fixed panel goes on the left and the opening panel goes on the right.


How to Choose the Best Frameless Sliding Shower Door

Unlike a framed shower door, a frameless door is made of thick glass, averaging 3/8 inches thick. The thick glass, which is often polished and strengthened with a protective coating, is able to stand on stainless steel bearings that roll it smoothly from one side of the shower to the other. But how do you know which one to buy? The following guide looks at the factors you need to consider as you look for a quality shower door for your bathroom.

Size of your shower stall

Frameless, sliding doors are customizable. You can get one that will fit perfectly in your shower. But before you head on to shopping, measure up your shower’s width and height. Measure twice, both the height and width. If you have a large shower (they work perfectly with sliding doors), the measurements should be larger than 32 inches. Once you have the measurements in mind, start considering the following factors.


Most sliding shower doors are made from glass, and you definitely want the most durable among them. For a sliding door, you will know a durable door by looking at its thickness and the kind of coating done to protect it. Depending on the cost and the brand, a sliding shower door can be as thick as 0.5 inches or 12mm. The standard thickness for a quality sliding door, however, is 3/8 inches, or 3/8 inches in thickness. If you are a little tight in budget, 6mm in thickness should be your standard thickness. Besides the glass thickness, a quality sliding glass will often have a coating to protect it from minor scratches and lime buildup.


Frameless sliding glasses come in many sizes and styles. Some of the most common glass styles relate to the glass having a crystal clear design or a textured finish. If you value privacy, you will definitely choose a glass that is clear. If you love the clarity of clear glass, pick it. Another choice you may have to consider is picking a glass door with a complete sliding action, or one with a stationary panel and a sliding side. A stationary panel comes in handy should the bearing system that suspends the glass malfunction.


Every modern sliding glass will have a finish to add style and elegance to their glass doors. Some brands do it better than others, but you’ll be the judge when buying the door. The best finish for a glass door, however, is one that complements the interior decor in your bathroom. Chrome, brushed nickel, and stainless steel always look elegant in any interior decor. You can always visit and physical retail store to view the different door finishes they have. You will have a better feel of how your shower will look like when you view the door before you purchase one.

Cost and Warranty

Frameless, sliding doors tend to be expensive. A quality glass, the frameless sliding door will certainly cost you more than $500. But to get the best out of your budget, evaluate a few models and pick the one that promises great value. Finally, consider the warranty given by the manufacturer.

Advantages of Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

Many homeowners nowadays opt for frameless sliding shower doors instead of cheaper options, such as curtains and normal sliding doors. This is due to a few advantages that they offer, which we’ll discuss below.

  1. Make the space brighter. By using clear glass and no frame obstructing the light, it really opens up the space of your shower and bathroom. It allows the flow of light, so you can perform your bathroom tasks with plenty of light.
  2. They offer durability. Most of them are made of tempered glass and strong hardware. So even though they are built without any frame, they are very durable.
  3. They open up the space. The clear glass also makes the space of your bathroom visually larger. It doesn’t obstruct the view as do framed shower doors and shower curtains. This makes frameless glass sliding shower doors the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms.
  4. You can choose between different sizes. Sliding shower door manufacturers usually offer different sizes of their products. This gives you flexibility in designing your shower.
  5. They are adjustable. Most of these frameless shower doors can be adjusted for different widths. And sometimes they can also be adjusted for uneven walls.

How to Install Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

Most brands recommend that you ask for professional help when the time comes to install your frameless sliding shower door. But then again, professionals are people like you. All you need is to follow every detail provided as a guide to installing the door. You might also want to ask for some help from a friend. Besides that, you will need the right tools and attention to detail. A misstep at any stage of the following installation process could be costly to the whole project.


  • Drill bit for the right flooring material you have
  • Chisel
  • Adhesive
  • Screw driver
  • Vinyl sweep
  • Wall anchors
  • The glass door.

Below is described the step-by-step process:

  1. Step 1: Drill Attachment Holes

    Transport your materials to the bathroom. Align your glass door perpendicularly and mark where its hinges fall. Before that, you first need to decide on which side will be the fixed door and the sliding door. For example, if you have the shower head fixture on the left, you should install the fixed door on the left as well. Note that you should leave a spacing of at least 1 inch on both the lower and upper ends. On the marks you made, drill a ¼” holes depending on the number of holes each hinge has. Use water to eliminate particles inside the hinges.

  2. Step 2: Fix wall anchors and secure the door

    Hammer your wall anchors into the walls, with no overhanging parts left out. Align the glass door’s hinges with the anchor points. Use a carpenter’s level to check the perpendicularity of the glass door and make adjustments where necessary.

  3. Step 3: Install the Door Handles and Vinyl Sweep

    Follow the manufacturer’s guide on how to install the door handle. Usually, it’s an easy process where you simply secure the handle to the holes on the free side of the door. You may need screws or bolts to secure the handle accordingly. Finally, measure up the size of vinyl sweep you will need for your door. Apply glue and secure it with screws where necessary.

Bottom Line

The best frameless sliding shower doors nowadays come with supplies and hardware to ease installation work. Still, it’s always wise to ask for a helping hand when installing such a heavy unit. Right now, however, installation shouldn’t worry you. Instead, spend time measuring your shower and evaluating the style of sliding door that will look good in your bathroom. Once you know what you should buy, head back to our frameless sliding door reviews above and pick one that best suits your needs.

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