Best Freestanding Tubs (Reviews and Guide 2021)

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Before committing yourself to any type of bathroom renovation, one critical question is: should you get a built-in or a freestanding tub? Many consumers covet freestanding bathtubs, whether you prefer modernistic or antiquated designs. Most freestanding models are designed for complete bathing immersion and can easily be combined with any shower system.

The best freestanding tubs are undeniably more pleasant compared to hydro-massage or built-in tubs that entail building features like decks or analogous structures into your bathroom, plus, freestanding tubs shimmer like customized sculptures comprising of a variety of shapes and sizes for superior bathroom spaces. Additionally, freestanding tubs are effortless to use, clean, and to maintain.

As a result, it’s imperative to contemplate your bathroom space and reflect upon which model fits best. These freestanding tub reviews will, therefore, help you acquire all the information you need to make the right choice.

Top 6 Freestanding Tubs

Best Freestanding Tubs Reviewed

Woodbridge B-0018

best freestanding tubThis top rated freestanding tub features a sleek and modern design that is crafted to provide the most comfortable bathing experience. It’s a 59 inches long soaking tub that offers 55 gallons capacity and that is suitable for one or two person bathing.

This bathtub is not only elegant but also durable. It features acrylic double walled construction that is reinforced with Ashland resin and fiberglass. This gives the structure maximum strength and provides a bearing capacity of up to 1000 lbs.

Moreover, the double walled design offers two benefits. It reinforces the structure and provides better insulation, which means that you would be able to enjoy the water at the desired temperature for longer.

Another great feature of the design of this high quality freestanding bathtub is its Enduraclean surface. The white Lucite acrylic that this tub is made of has a high gloss surface that is easy to clean and maintain. This surface is scratch and stain resistant, so it stays bright, clean, and as good as new for a long time.

For the user’s safety, the tub’s floor surface features a slip resistant texture. It adds safety, but also still provides an easy to clean smooth surface.

The bathtub is also made with comfort in mind. It features an ergonomic design with a high back and a gentle slope that support the body’s form. This provides the most comfortable and most satisfying soak.

This freestanding tub is also equipped with an integrated overflow and drain assembly that feature a brushed nickel finish. You can additionally purchase from the same brand a freestanding faucet and a bath pillow.


  • 59 inches long (also available as a 67 inches option).
  • Capacity of 55 gallons.
  • Acrylic with reinforced fiberglass construction.
  • Double wall design for better insulation.
  • Easy to clean surface that is stain resistant.
  • Non-slip textured floor.
  • Integrated overflow and drain system.
  • Hidden adjusting legs.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • Due to its lightweight design, it might need some caulking to anchor it to the floor. But if you do anchor it, you won’t have access to the drain.

Woodbridge B-0013

freestanding tub reviewsAnother great freestanding tub is the Woodbridge B-0013. It also combines pure elegance and high quality. And it offers a slightly less rounded design alternative to the Woodbridge B-0018 model.

This freestanding tub is perfect for those that are looking for a bigger tub. It measures 67 inches in length, so it can comfortably fit taller users or two users at the same time. Moreover, it offers good depth and a high capacity of 60 gallons.

The durable design of this tub features an acrylic construction that is reinforced with fiberglass. The manufacturer uses top quality materials that add strength to the structure and provide long lasting durability. Moreover, the bottom of the tub is equipped with a stainless steel bracket, which makes the structure even stronger and which makes it possible for the tub to have a bearing capacity of up to 1000 lbs.

Additionally, the tub is designed with a double walled construction. Except for adding strength, this feature improves insulation, allowing to keep warm water in the tub warmer for longer.

This white acrylic freestanding tub features a high gloss surface, which adds to the elegance of the design. This smooth surface is also stain resistant, scratch resistant, and doesn’t discolor over time. Due to this, it’s easier to maintain its high gloss and keeping it looking as clean as new.

The surface of the floor, on the other hand, has a textured design. This makes it safer getting in and out of the tub, with a lower risk of slipping. And this textured floor surface is also smooth enough for comfort and for easy cleaning.

To make it more comfortable to sit in the tub, the design features high sides with gently sloping lines. This ergonomic design and its large size provide a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience.

The faucet for this stand alone bathtub can be purchased separately. However, it does include an overflow and drain assembly. The overflow is made of stainless steel and the drain is made of solid brass. And both of them have a brushed nickel finish.

The attractive design of this stand alone tub will also make it a beautiful accessory to any bathroom. It will create a striking focal point in any modern decor.


  • 67 inches length.
  • 60 gallons capacity.
  • Acrylic structure that is reinforced with fiberglass.
  • High gloss finish that is easy to keep clean.
  • Anti-slip floor surface.
  • Ergonomic sloping lines.
  • Includes overflow and drain assembly.
  • Hidden adjustable legs for leveled installation.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • Since the tub is fairly lightweight, it might require securing it to the floor so it wouldn’t move around. This might make it difficult to get access to the drain.

Empava EMPV-FT1518

best freestanding soaking tubThis Empava A1507W is another 67 inches acrylic freestanding bathtub. It is one of the best rated freestanding tubs on the market that delivers a high quality that is constructed from reinforced lightweight acyclic and fiberglass materials.

There are several size options that you can choose for this freestanding tub model. You can choose either 52.5, 59, 67, or 71 inches in length. So, if you have a smaller bathroom, you might opt for the more compact freestanding tub option. And if you’re tall, you might prefer the biggest tub size.

The tub is engineered to provide the highest quality. The combination of white acrylic and reinforcing fiberglass creates a strong structure that can bear up to 1000 lbs.

For added strength and durability, the tub is reinforced with a double walled design. This design also offers maximum insulation, so the bathtub can keep the water hot for longer.

This stand alone tub is also made to be pleasing to the eye. Its contemporary design with its beautiful lines will look striking in any bathroom decor. And this tub is not only beautiful to look at but also comfortable to soak in. Its ergonomic design features a curved shape with higher sides that support the back and a gentle slope that supports the body as you lean back.

The interior and exterior of the tub feature a smooth, high gloss surface. It’s resistant to staining, so it maintains its color and gloss. And if it does get any stains, it’s very easy to clean it. It’s also 100% white glossy acrylic, so the color is consistent throughout the tub.

This freestanding bathtub is also very easy to install. It comes with the overflow and drain assembly already pre-installed. It is also equipped with hidden legs that you can adjust to perfectly level the tub.


  • Different size options.
  • Capacity of 58 gallons.
  • Strong structure.
  • Double wall design.
  • White glossy acrylic that is resistant to stains.
  • Ergonomic curved design.
  • Drain and overflow are included.
  • Leveling legs.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Will require gluing down or siliconing the tub to the floor.

FerdY Baracay 02503

most comfortable freestanding tubThe FerdY Baracay is also one of the most beautiful and most comfortable freestanding tubs. It features a striking design with gracefully shaped lines. It will complement any modern bathroom style, giving it a luxurious look.

This stand alone tub measures 67 inches in length and offers 14.4 inches of soaking depth. Its water capacity is 41.1 gallons, which is a bit lower compared to other 67 inches freestanding tubs. However, this is due to the sloped design that provides and ergonomic support for the lumbar area. It adds comfort and allows you to stretch out.

The tub is also made of top quality materials. It features a double walled construction that includes acrylic as the outer layer and a combination of fiberglass and polyethylene resin as the inner layer. This provides maximum insulation and better heat retention. It can keep the water warm for longer, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxing bath.

For added stability and strength, the bottom of the tub is reinforced with OSB or Oriented Strand Board. Thanks to this high strength design, the tub offers a bearing capacity of 1750 lbs.

The outer acrylic layer features a glossy white finish. It’s a durable finish that doesn’t easily crack or easily stain. Since it has a very smooth, non-porous surface, it’s also very easy to clean.

This tub also comes with a pre-installed overflow system. On top of that, it includes two drains, one that is made of brass and the other plastic. The plastic one can be used if you need to scale up to 32 inches. Both the drain and the overflow system come in a brushed nickel finish. You can also get these fittings in another finish, such as white, matte black, polished chrome, or brushed bronze. However, you would need to purchase them separately. Only the brushed nickel option is included with this tub.

To make the installation easier, the tub is equipped with adjustable legs. So you can level and stabilize the tub according to the surface that you’re installing it on top of.


  • Measures 67 inches in length.
  • 14.4 inches of soaking depth.
  • 1750 lbs bearing capacity.
  • Combination of acrylic, fiberglass, and polyethylene materials.
  • Double wall design.
  • Polished acrylic surface.
  • Durable, non-scratch, and non-crack finish.
  • OSB reinforced bottom.
  • Sloped lumbar support.
  • Brushed nickel overflow and drain.
  • Includes brass and plastic drains.
  • Leveling legs.
  • More expensive compared to some of the other tubs.

Ove Decors Eva

top rated freestanding tubIf you’re looking for a slipper bathtub design, we recommend checking out the Ove Decors Eva model. It’s a 65 inches freestanding tub, one side of which features 30 inches high gently sloped back. It provides perfect support for your back, making it extremely comfortable lounging in the tub.

There are a few different length options for this tub. You can choose a tub as small as 58 inches and as big as 70 inches. So you can get the perfect size for your bathroom remodel.

This is a good freestanding soaking tub. It offers a maximum capacity of 52.83 gallons of water and an immersion depth of 14.7 inches. So you can really immerse yourself in the warm water and enjoy your bath retreat.

The tub features reinforced acrylic construction. The structure is made of three layers that include a structural reinforcement layer, fiberglass reinforced layer, and an acrylic surface layer. These materials combine to provide a strong and durable tub.

Moreover, the outer acrylic layer has an extra smooth surface, which gives a durable finish that prevents stains and reduces fading. This results in the tub staying as white as new without much maintenance.

This freestanding bathtub set includes a pre-installed brass pop-up drain and a stainless steel overflow. Both of the fixtures feature a chrome finish.

Another advantage of this freestanding bathtub is that it comes with an elegant tub filler included in the package. It’s a freestanding faucet that features a sturdy construction made of brass and chrome finish. The faucet is designed with a gentle curve and sleek lines. It’s adjustable 360 degrees, so you can install it in any position around the tub. Moreover, this tub filler includes a handheld shower head, which is convenient to have for showering and washing the tub.

What makes this product stand out from freestanding tubs from other brands is that it comes with a 25 year warranty. That is the longest warranty offered by freestanding tub manufacturers.


  • Different size options are available.
  • Ergonomic 30 inches high back.
  • 14.7 inches of immersion depth.
  • Reinforced acrylic construction.
  • Fade resistant acrylic surface.
  • Overflow and drain included.
  • Leveling feet.
  • Comes with a freestanding faucet and shower head.
  • 25 years warranty.
  • Expensive.

FerdY Palawan 02532

good quality stand along tubLastly, if you’re looking for a square shaped model, the best stand alone tub is the FerdY Palawan 02532. It features a contemporary rectangle design with straight, clean lines that can complement a wide range of bathroom styles.

The tub is made of top class materials that provide long lasting durability. It’s designed with an acrylic outer layer with polyethylene resin and fiberglass inside. On top of that, the bottom of the construction is reinforced with OBS.

Due to double walled insulation, this freestanding bathtub has good heat retention. This allows you to have a more relaxing bath, immersing yourself in the warm water for a longer period of time.

The acrylic has a high gloss surface. It’s resistant to fading and staining, so you won’t have to worry about the tub yellowing over time. This stain-resistant surface also means easier maintenance as it doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep it looking clean.

In this tub, you can also really immerse yourself in the water. It offers 15.2 inches of water depth and 58.1 gallons of water capacity. So it’s a great choice for those looking for a freestanding soaking tub.

Similar to other freestanding tubs mentioned, this model also comes with an integrated overflow and drain. Both fittings come in chrome finish.


  • 15.2 inches of soaking depth.
  • 58.1 gallons of water capacity.
  • Double layer design provides durability and insulation.
  • Easy to clean acrylic surface.
  • Good lumbar support.
  • Chrome drain and overflow.
  • Adjustable leveling feet.
  • 6 years surface and structural warranty.
  • Higher priced than others.

Freestanding Tubs Buying Guide

If you wish to replace your old bathtub or renovate your existing bathroom from scratch, you can discover a variety of freestanding bathtubs to meet all your requirements. Buying a freestanding tub involves deep consideration of its size and style, in addition to the material (i.e. cast iron or acrylic) type that tubs are constructed. The majority of users prefer eye-catching, chic, and attractive models that instantly grab your attention when anyone enters your bathroom.

Here, we have synthesized an indispensable guide to help you make important decisions when purchasing the best quality freestanding tubs for your bathroom.

Bathroom Size

Firstly, you need to measure the dimensions of your bathroom around your furniture. The idea is to construct a diagram of your current bathroom to gauge the amount of room needed to install your new freestanding bathtub. You should also guarantee you measure the whole area around the door to ensure the door can open and close easily. You should also confirm that your freestanding tub is arranged in the incorrect place to prevent the door from causing irreparable damage.

Freestanding Tub Size

Rather than make rash decisions, you should recall that the structure must fit inside your house, and through the doorway, so it can be moved upstairs. This may also encompass the act of revolving the tub up the stairway and down the hallways. Therefore, it is imperative that you measure all hallways and stairwells so that you can accurately maneuver the tub upstairs without damaging it.

Tub Depth

Once the dimensions of the house and bathroom have been measured, you should reflect on the purpose of your bathtub. If you enjoy a prolonged and lavish full-body soak, you require a deep bathtub that provides a spa-like feeling. Maybe you could profit from purchasing a jetted tub with a massaging air system, or perhaps it’s more stress-free to install a simple tub just for soaking only.

Tub Length

Another factor to consider is the height of people residing in your household. If your family members are short, you may not require a shorter bathtub; however, longer family members require longer designs. Moreover, if you need an extraordinary tub for larger bathrooms, you may consider purchasing a tub that is equipped for two people to soak in sync.


With any fixture in your home, you must ensure your tub matches your bathrooms’ interior decoration. Freestanding tubs come in a variety of different shapes such as oval and rectangular freestanding tubs. Therefore, it’s possible to select the perfect tub design depending on the style of your bathrooms’ furnishings, and its overall dimensions.

Other preferences are whether you want your tub is to be raised from the ground, or a decorative pedestal or plinth. By elevating your freestanding tub, you can make it the epicenter of your bathroom in conjunction with impressing anyone who enters your room.

Advantages of Free Standing Tubs

There are advantages to selecting a fashionable freestanding tub, so you need to think prudently about the type of tub to install. There are multiple factors to reflect upon like the bathrooms’ size, its final destination, and the design (i.e. extra taps, furnishings, shape, color, and size) being the most important ones.

  1. The vicinity around and beneath the freestanding tub will make your bathroom look extra airy and larger than first perceived. As freestanding tubs are elevated off the floor by their feet and are not encircled by other materials, it will make the bathroom space look larger. Therefore, freestanding tubs are incredibly graceful and maneuverable, making them the center piece in your bathroom. Many homeowners believe that freestanding tubs resemble attractive furniture pieces than regular built-in tubs.
  2. However, it’s not possible to install freestanding tubs in all households especially in small sized bathrooms. Although, some of the designs you can smartly use to create the illusion of having a bigger bathroom. In addition, the silhouette of the tub produces charming geometric patterns against both the flooring and tiling, which exaggerates the height and length of the tub. Furthermore, freestanding tubs can be perched on any raised platform or positioned into an unorthodox place in the bathroom.
  3. Most freestanding tubs are made from a wide array of different materials. You can select between cast iron to acyclic to reinforced fiberglass. Depending on the weight your flooring can withstand, metal tubs can last for decades. Therefore, heavy metals such as cast iron or brass can save you money in the long run as well as look impressive by adding a trace of eternal elegance to your bathroom.


  • Devoid of doubt, freestanding tubs are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and are considered to be the centerpiece of any bathroom, when compared to any regular fitted tub
  • Freestanding tubs require lots of space, so if your bathroom is small, a large tub may infringe on the other demands of your bathroom. Therefore, freestanding tubs are only suitable for larger floor spaces. However, you can still find a small freestanding tub that might fit in your compact bathroom.
  • If you’re re-plumbing your bathroom, it is easier to connect a freestanding tub. However, if you plan to keep your existing plumbing, it is highly unlikely that a freestanding tub can be installed unless one was there beforehand.
  • Freestanding bathtubs are trouble-free to clean as they are reachable from all areas but they can be difficult to clean underneath because of the short feet.

Bottom Line

The choice of the best freestanding tub is personal. If you have enough room and like their style, you’ll be willing to ignore any disadvantages and select the most stylish alternative.

The best advice is to ensure that your tub fits the dimensions of your bathroom so you can actually use it. A good-sized bathroom works incredibly well with any freestanding tubs to produce the best value.

If you decide to renovate your pre-existing bathroom, the cost can get higher by changing your plumbing fixtures. Recognizing this, it is imperative you undergo further research to select the best tub for your household.

For components, your selections are comparably endless. Materials consist of enamel-coated constituents, reinforced fiberglass, or a variety of atypical thrown metals amalgam from cast iron or copper. Additionally, tubs can be made from timber and stone, or blends of properties to resemble stone.

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