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Best Low Flow Shower Head Reviews (Comparison and Guide)

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Everyone who enjoys spending time in the shower will have some good and bad memories to share. When your low flow showerhead is one that offers an incredible experience without wasting much of your water, your shower experience will always be good. However, finding the best low flow shower head to install in your home can’t be done without good research. Below, in our low flow shower head reviews, we explore six of the bestselling products.

You can easily know which shower head to buy when you already know how you love your showers. A low flow shower head is best suited for people who love high volume showers, but still want to save on water costs. Also, if you are simply after conserving water, one of the following low GPM shower heads would also suit your needs.

Top 6 Low Flow Shower Heads

High Sierra Low Flow Shower Head

best low flow shower headThe High Sierra is a low volume shower head that releases only 1.5 gallons per minute. That is approximately 1 GPM less compared to the standard 2.5 GPM shower head. That makes it not only a highly efficient shower head but also one that promises a great shower experience despite the little water released. So, how does it achieve that?


The High Sierra comes with only one opening and a single water release mode. It is that simplistic by design. It does, however, feature a circular angle where you can adjust the flow. According to many experts, the tool’s simple design is what makes it stand out among the rest. It lacks the gimmicky multiple design features that only expose room for leaks.


Except for its seals, everything on the High Sierra is metal designed. Most of its parts feel solid and of good quality, in a way that assures you that you are buying the right product. The overall construction speaks volumes about the tool’s quality and you will hardly have doubts about it. However, with a metal construction comes weight. But that shouldn’t matter if you have a shower head that could last for years with little or no maintenance required.

Quick Installation

If you are a DIY guy, you will have an easy time installing the High Sierra. Simply put, installing the head is as simple as screwing it onto the shower plug with some little tightening. And with its appealing sleeve, you also have an easy time adjusting the water spraying angle.


Speakman S-4002-E2 High Efficiency Shower Head

low flow shower head reviewsThe Speakman is an efficient shower head that is not only designed to work under low water pressure but one that will forever function efficiently in the long run. It is scientifically designed to improve your shower before saving on water usage, which explains why it comes to a turbine infused engine. According to multiple customer reviews, the Speakman model offers an extremely top quality shower experience. Despite the pulsating experience, the Speakman also promises to lower your water usage as it limits its water release to 2 GPM.


The Speakman S-4002-E2 takes a single function spray setting. On the exterior, it has a large diameter head graced by a chrome finish to keep it looking elegant. Notably, the water conserving shower head lacks the multiple convenience settings that are awash with modern shower heads. While that may look like a con if you love tech-savvy devices, it is a great benefit in terms of long-term quality. Keeping it to single setting shuts down any potential leakage spots, which will, in turn, keep your tool durable for long.


The Speakman tool has a turbine powered engine that keeps your water temperature warm, and the speed flow manageable for a great showering experience. The single setting tool features a ½ inch inlet, on the other hand, to ensure that it sprays water to a convenient angle. Still, the 5.5*5.5*3.1 inch tool is light enough for easy installation on your shower plug. Overall, the tool is made largely from plastic and chrome to provide a long service life.


Niagara Conservation Low Flow Shower Head

shower head for low pressureLike most Niagara water conservation related products, this shower head comes cheap. The good thing, however, is that it is designed to help you save 20% water used in your showers without compromising on your shower experience. With a 2 GPM water flow rate, you may actually never feel like you are using less water on your showers, yet you could save hundreds of dollars annually, thanks to this product.


The Niagara Conservation features an attractive chrome design that will keep it clean and attractive no matter the interior design you have in your shower. It features a 9-jet turbo massage feature and a long 72-inch hose to make your showers long and enjoyable. Additionally, the shower head is designed to self-clean and ask for zero maintenance for the many years it is designed to last.


The Niagara Conservation is certainly one of the most durable products you can install in your shower. It is metal constructed for the most part. Its sleeve, on the other hand, helps you install it and position it to your convenience. The long hose, on the other hand, is durable and can last for many years with good care. Overall, the Niagara Conservation product is designed to be maintenance free. That is something that could make it last for a decade if your plumb line and water quality remain high quality.

Effortless Installation

The Niagara Conservation product is quite small in size at 11.8*9*3 inches. But that also makes it easy to hold and attach it to the water supply plug with little effort.


Niagara Earth Massage Low Flow Handheld Shower Head

best water saving shower headThe Niagara Earth Massage handheld unit offers the looks of luxury and high water efficiency. It has a small head to ensure it releases water at an optimum 1.5 GPM, which on average would translate to less than 3500 gallons of water used every year. According to some reviews, the reduced flow shower head conserves about 40% of your water every year, which is a great deal. Its turbo massage feature, on the other hand, is easily adjustable and will provide consistent water flow even when the pressure is low.


The Niagara Earth Massage avoids superfluous features by maintaining the tool’s design simplistic. However, it does feature several useful applications like its non-aerating spray meant to maximize your energy savings. Its chrome finish and a small circular head, on the other hand, boost its aesthetics.


The Niagara earth tool features a corrosion resistant free design to enhance its durability. It features self-cleaning technology to ease your maintenance work and a durable 70-inch hose. The long hose is an especially convenient application to the shower head since it contains a non-aerating spray that will improve your shower experiences without wasting much of your water. Overall, Niagara Earth tool is designed to last past a decade thanks to its thermoplastic body and durable hose.

Effortless Installation

The Niagara earth massage tool is designed to fit in all standard shower plugs. It is also easy to install even when you have no prior knowledge about installing plumbing fixtures.


American Standard 1660.717.002 Water Saving Shower Head

water conserving shower headConserving water with your shower is today possible thanks to eco-friendly shower heads like the American Standard 1660.717.002. The tool has an attractive luxury looking head and a high quality construction to guarantee quality services for many years. With its 1.5 GPM, you will only use as much water as you need with the tool’s ability to conserve up to 40% of the water you probably used with previous shower heads.


The high efficiency shower head doesn’t go simplistic like most of its competitors do. It, instead, features an elegant shower head with multiple convenience features. It features three settings which you can manipulate to give you a fulfilling shower experience even under low water pressures. The Flowise 3 function settings include the default 1.5 GPM, a full spray option and a combination option that offers 2 GPM.


The American Standard meets industry standards in both quality and design. It is well engineered to seal all potential leakage spots. Overall, the tool’s quality is impeccable and the finish could last a lifetime. Actually, the tool does come with a lifetime warranty for the finish and function.

Quick Installation

The American Standard comes free of multiple attachments to make it easy to install. On average, you can attach the head to your shower plug in just a few minutes. Adjusting the shower angle is also effortless.


Niagara Sava Eco Friendly Shower Head

shower head with low water flow rateNiagara is the ultimate best water saver shower head. Besides restricting your shower’s water flow rate to 1.5 GPM, it combines a range of modern applications to ensure you enjoy pulsating showers every day of your life. When it comes to designing, the brass made tool offers an elegant appeal with the ability to morph seamlessly with your bathroom’s interior design. It also features a 360-degree swivel head to add to your convenience.


The Niagara Sava has a luxury looking 4.4-inch head. It features a corrosion resistant body and a chrome finish to improve its aesthetics. It features a pressure compensator to keep its water flow consistent, which together with the large head delivers a luxurious rain shower-like shower experience. The top rated tool also features several helpful convenience features. It has a 3600 ball joint swivel for easy adjustment. While the tool’s maximum water flow rate is capped at 1.5 GPM, it can release water at a lower rate of 1.13 GPM when the pressure is reduced to 45 PSI.


Most of the tool’s parts are made either from chrome or rubber. The nozzles, for example, are rubber made for easy cleaning. The rain shower head is made of metal designed for durability. The Niagara also meets several of the most acknowledged water conservation agencies including EPA WaterSense and ASME. Overall, the Niagara Sava features a construction that could stay intact for over a decade.


Installing the Niagara Sava is as quick and effortless as screwing the shower head onto your shower’s plug.


What is a Low Flow Shower Head?

Any shower head that delivers water at 2 gallons per minute or lower is considered a low flow shower head. Low flow shower heads are also known as high efficiency shower heads or water saver shower heads. However, there are manufacturers who brand their products as water savers even when they deliver water at the maximum 2.5 GPM rate. Such shower heads are not really low flow in nature and therefore will not suit your water conservation needs at your home.

Low Flow vs. Ultra Low Flow Shower Head

Some manufacturers brand their products as the ultra-low flow which can confuse you to buy what you probably don’t want to. Basically, an ultra-low flow shower head is one that delivers water at a rate of less than 1.5 GPM. A 1.25 GPM, for example, fits this bill. It is a great option when you want to use minimal water pressure, preferably 45 PSI or lower. On the other hand, a shower head that delivers water at between 1.5 and 2.5 GPM is a low flow.

Until today, a 2.5 GPM shower head is still considered a low flow tool. However, with better research and with our guide below, you will learn to identify the real low flow shower head that you want to be installed in your bathroom.

Advantages of a Low Flow Shower Head

Just like ‘going-green,’ conserving water is fast becoming a national movement. Many governments including the U.S. government are also advocating for low flow shower heads. Today you can’t find a shower head that delivers water at a rate higher than 2.5 GPM. And that is for good reasons. Here are the benefits you enjoy from using a WaterSense shower head.

  • Water Conservation

    Water conservation is the obvious benefit of buying a low flow shower head. On average, a family of four will conserve 8,000 gallons of water from a 2 GPM shower head. If you use a 1.5 GPM shower head, you could conserve hundreds of dollars’ worth of water conservation every year. According to statistics, a good water efficient shower head will save up to 40% of the water used by your bathroom on an annual basis.

  • Energy Savings

    Every morning you consume a gallon of water showering, you add up your energy bills. When you use two gallons, your energy bill doubles. However, with a low flow shower head that saves a ½ gallon or more for every minute used in the bathroom, your energy expenses are reduced significantly. Low energy usage, on the other hand, lowers carbon dioxide emissions, which in the long run will help protect the environment.

  • Still a Good Shower

    The modern low flow shower head helps you conserve water without affecting the quality of your showers. From their designs to the technology used to conserve water, modern low flow shower heads prioritize providing great showers. 2 GPM low flow shower heads for example often have convenience features to make you enjoy your shower without feeling a decrease in the amount of water coming out of your shower. Again, the shower heads do not affect the pressure or temperature of the water coming out, making your shower feel as pulsating as ever.

How to Measure Your Current Flow Rate

The best way to know whether your current plumb line fixtures are wasting water is to measure the water flow rate. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a broken fixture. For example, you can easily decide which tankless water heater to buy when you already know the current flow rate of water in your home.

Typically, the water flow rate is measured in terms of gallons of water delivered per minute. You’ve probably seen these measurements in your faucet, in the water heater, or shower head. Since 1992, the water flow rate in both faucets and shower heads should not exceed 2.5 GPM. The purpose of limiting the flow rate was to conserve water usage in the country. Fortunately, it also makes it easier to measure up your home’s water flow rate even when the fixtures are not labeled.

How to Measure Water Flow Rate in a Shower Head

  1. Turn on the shower head to its normal position.
  2. Place a bucket directly below the shower head and collect its water for exactly 10 seconds. For better results, use a bucket marked in gallon measurements.
  3. Measure the amount of water collected in the 10 seconds. Multiply your answer by six to collect the amount of water collected in a minute.

If you get an amount above 2.5 gallons per minute, work toward getting a shower head that is water conserving.

If you want to size up a tankless water heater by measuring the water flow rate of different fixtures in your home the process is simple. Basically, measure the water flow rate you use at the faucet and add it up to your preferred water flow rate for your shower head. Add your findings and get a water heater that can deliver water at a rate slightly higher than what your fixtures deliver.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Low Flow Shower Head

Good quality water conserving shower head provides a great shower experience irrespective of the water pressure in your home. There are many ways to find the one quality shower head, however. Some manufacturers, for example, sell a normal 2.5 GPM shower head but fit it with water flow restrictors to reduce the water flow rate. However, there is more to a shower head than its flow rate. Its design, construction, ease of use, and price are all other factors that should help you determine whether you should buy a particular shower head.

  • Flow Rate

    Ever since the EPA restricted water flow rates to 2.5 GPM; almost every shower head sold today is advertised as a low flow shower head. However, you alone know how much water you want to conserve at your home. With that in mind, decide what flow rate will work best for your showers and buy the appropriate shower head. If you only aim to conserve a little less amount of water for example-settle for a 2GPM shower head. You will conserve ½ a gallon of water every minute and still enjoy your showers like ever before.

  • Functions

    Low flow shower heads work differently, which is why you should pay some attention to their designs. Some low flow shower heads for example work by aerating the existing streams of water to create an illusion of more water. Most of them don’t offer the enjoyable high volume shower heads offer. Some on the other hand use patented technologies to shoot out more streams of water essentially increasing pressure. They offer a better experience than their aeration counterparts. However, they can cause a sting-like feeling in your shower.

    Since you have to settle for a particular shower head, in the end, determine your priorities in the shower and settle for the better of the two. If you enjoy using the spraying of a hose, for example, the aerated flow shower heads will meet your expectations. If you prefer to take quick showers over taking time enjoying your shower, settle for a laminar flow shower head. They don’t reduce water temperatures also something that is prone to aeration type low flow shower heads.

  • Design

    A shower head adds beauty to your bathroom. Pick one that looks good in your bathroom or one that simply suits your style. On the other hand, pay attention to the spray patterns used by your preferred shower head. Some will deliver water in a firm manner, while others will sprinkle water as normal rain would. Some spray water at a wide angle to offer a lot of coverage. However, there are a few modern shower heads that will offer multiple spray patterns and are perfect for families. Determine your preferred shower head pattern before finally paying for it. Still, on design, look at the ease of access to the shower head’s additional parts like the sleeve.

  • Adjustment

    A shower head is only good if you can use its settings and adjustment features easily. If you can hardly find use in its settings, for example, you better buy one with a single setting. Fortunately, many shower heads in the market today come with several enjoyable adjustment features. Settings to change the spray pattern, for example, will always be good even if you only prefer a single nozzle type. Settings to increase or reduce water flow rate are also helpful. Look for such features in your ideal shower head, and you will benefit a lot.

  • Durability

    Durability is what you want when installing a shower head that you plan to use with your family for years. In public institutions and government facilities like prisons, you will especially need a quality metal constructed shower head. However, pay attention to warranties to know better if a shower head can serve you for a significant amount of time.

  • Budget

    Low flow shower heads are generally cheap, ranging between as low as $10 and $50. However, the more expensive tools will tend to have better designs, better constructions, and an overall better chance of offering you the great showers you want.

  • EPA WaterSense

    The EPA water sense program is meant to protect you from buying shower heads that aren’t really low flow types. The water sense mark is labeled on any shower head that delivers water at a maximum of 2.5 GPM or less. The lower the shower head’s flow rate, the better it will be at helping conserve the environment.

  • Standards

    There are many water fixture regulators today. A good shower head will meet the demands of as many of these industry standard marks as possible, starting with EPA’s WaterSense certification.

Bottom Line

The way to finding the best low flow shower head for your home starts with identifying how you love your showers. With all the information in mind, you can then go back to our low flow shower head reviews above and pick one that best suits your needs.

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