Best Shower Chair Reviews (For Elderly and Disabled)

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For a nursing home or healthcare facility that accommodates people with mobility issues, buying quality bath shower chairs could be the best gift to offer their clients. If you are looking for the best bath chair, read keenly to view the size and capabilities of different bath shower chairs. The best bath shower chair today is designed for great convenience, with craftsmanship and designs that offer impressive comfort and safety. However, everyone has different needs, and it’s only important to view our bath shower reviews and the guide below to learn more about the chairs.

Best Bath Shower Chairs in 2021

Top 6 Bath Shower Chairs Reviewed

Essential Medical Supply B3011-1 Shower Chair

best shower chair for elderlyThe Essential Medical Supply B3011-1 is one of the best shower chairs for elderly and disabled people. It’s designed to provide comfort and safety, giving you extra support and preventing the risk of slipping in the shower.

This is a durable shower chair that is made with an aluminum frame that provides sturdiness to the structure. Due to its strength, the chair can support up to 300 pounds. While strong, aluminum is also lightweight. This makes it easy to move it from one place to another. Moreover, the aluminum frame of this chair is anodized, which prevents any rust issues. Overall, the design of this bath chair is made to last a long time.

The chair comes unassembled. However, putting it together is very easy and it does come with clearly written step-by-step instructions. And for this simple assembly, you won’t need any tools.

Once assembled, you can adjust the height of the chair and it’s ready for use. The height adjustment is made in 1 inch increments within the range of 16.25 to 21.5 inches, so it can comfortably fit both shorter and taller users.

This high quality shower chair is also made with comfort in mind. It features a large 13 by 16 inches seat that has a textured surface. It’s also designed with drain holes, which prevents any water from building up on top of the seat.

For extra comfort, as well as safety, this shower chair is also equipped with a backrest and arms. The arms are removable, so you can choose to use the chair with or without them. However, they do add safety and can make getting in and out of the chair easier. Moreover, the arms are padded, which allows you to rest your arms in comfort.


Ez2care Shower Bench

best shower stool for seniors and disabledIf you’re looking for the best shower stool for the elderly, disabled, or those recovering from an injury, the top rated option is Ez2care. This is a perfect shower chair for a small tub as the spread of its legs is just 15.75 by 14.5 inches.

This shower stool is designed with anodized aluminum legs. They provide sturdy and stable support and ensure that the chair stays corrosion free. They give enough strength to the structure of the chair to support up to 250 pounds of weight.

The heavy duty legs provide the support and stability that you need when you using the chair while showering. To ensure that the chair doesn’t move around, it also features rubber feet on the legs. They suction to your tub’s surface, preventing the chair from slipping around.

For comfort, the shower stool offers a wide seat with a curved profile. It has an anti-slip textured surface and holes that drain the water, preventing it from pooling when you shower.

This is a stool, so there is no back support or armrests. However, the seat does feature integrated handles, which can aid you when sitting down or standing up from the bench.

The chair is also adjustable to the height of different users. By adjusting the stool’s legs, you can make it lower or taller. The adjustable range is from 12.5 to 18 inches, which is enough to accommodate the heights of most users.

The first use of the chair requires simple assembly. It’s a quick and easy process that consists of connecting and securing the lower legs and then the upper legs. You can complete this process without any tools and it will take you just 5 to 10 minutes.


Drive Medical RTL12505

shower chair reviewsAnother good shower chair for seniors and those with disabilities is the Drive Medical RTL12505. It’s also a durable chair that has all the features to provide comfortable and safe showering.

Although this shower chair is made of plastic, it has one of the highest weight capacities. The maximum weight it can hold is 350 pounds. The heavy duty plastic resin is strong, which ensures that the chair stays stable and doesn’t wobble when in use.

One of the advantages is also the lightweight design of this chair. This is due to the use of plastic parts. So the chair is both sturdy and lightweight enough to be portable.

To ensure that you shower in comfort, the chair features a seat that measures 16.5 by 21.75 inches. It fits users of all shapes and sizes and is designed to provide a comfortable and carefree bathing experience.

To help you with balance when getting in or out of the chair, as well as when showering, it offers a few additional features. It is equipped with two handles, which can assist you in getting up and down. It is also equipped with non-slip feet that make sure that the chair stays securely in one place.

As most other shower chairs for the elderly and disabled, this one is also height adjustable. It offers a range between 16 and 20.5 inches, so most users should be able to get the height that is perfect for them.

This bath chair is very easy to assemble and disassemble. All the parts, including legs, arms, and back remove and attach without any tools. This makes it a quick process setting it up for first use and taking it apart for packing it away for compact storage. It also makes it more flexible in use since you can choose whether to have the backrest and arms installed or not.


Dr. Kay’s Bath and Shower Seat

safest shower chairOne of the top rated shower stools is also the Dr. Kay’s model. It’s not only one of the most affordable but also one of the safest shower chairs that you can find.

This chair is made of plastic and aluminum. The seat is plastic and the legs are aluminum. The aluminum is anodized, so all the parts of this stool are corrosion resistant, which prolongs its longevity.

For achieving exceptional stability, the stool uses heavy duty metal legs, which can provide sturdy support up to 250 pounds. And with such a high weight capacity, the chair is still very lightweight, weighing just 4 pounds. So it’s light enough for an elderly person to lift and move around.

To ensure that the chair doesn’t slip in the tub or shower, the legs also feature rubber feet. Moreover, so that you get the best support and balance, you can also adjust the stool to fit your height. With the perfect chair height, it will not be a struggle standing up or sitting down on the chair. And the range this chair offers is between 12.5 and 18.5 inches, making it suitable for both short and tall users.

Moreover, this shower stool is not only safe but also comfortable. It features a curved seat design that can accommodate users of different shapes and sizes. On the sides of the seat, there are also two integrated handles that you can use for assistance when you getting onto or off the chair. They are also handy when lifting and moving the chair.

For simple assembly, the stool features wing-tipped screws. This means that you won’t need any tools and can just hand screw all the parts in place. With this simple no-tools assembly, you can have the stool set up and ready for use within 10 minutes.


Carex B670C0 Universal Bath Seat

top rated shower chairThe Carex B670C0 is also a high quality bath seat that is designed for maximum safety and comfort. It’s perfect for those that have mobility or balance issues, such as the elderly, handicapped, and those recovering from injuries.

This bath stool is made of heavy duty molded plastic. It’s made for reliable performance even under its maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, which is achieved thanks to its innovative design and the quality of materials used. So this is one of the best shower stools to choose from if you’re looking for maximum weight capacity.

To accommodate users of different heights, the stool features a patented height adjustment mechanism. You just need to simply rotate the leg tips to either lower or raise the chair.

Moreover, there are a few other user friendly features that make this shower stool a popular choice among its users. First of all, it has an ergonomic seat that provides comfortable and stable seating while showering. Secondly, it’s built with integrated handles on the sides that are useful for getting extra support when sitting down or standing up. And lastly, the seat is designed with an edge notch on one side, which can hold your handheld shower head, so you can keep it in a convenient location within easy reach.

To make sure that the chair stays stable and doesn’t slip in your bath or shower, it comes with rubber tips. They grip the surface of the bathtub or shower and help prevent slipping and falling.

The base of the chair measures 18 by 18 inches, which is fairly compact. This means that you can fit it in almost any bathtub or shower stall, big and small.


Vaunn Medical Shower Chair

good shower chair with armsVaunn Medical is another great option for those looking for the best shower chairs for the disabled or elderly. It comes with all the features that you need for a safe bathing and showering experience.

One of the most important advantages of this shower chair is its sturdiness and stability. It provides it by using a heavy duty aluminum frame, which can hold weight up to 250 pounds. Moreover, it stays stable also due to the angled design of the legs, which are additionally equipped with non-slip rubber feet. These feet also have a suction style, so they grip the surface they stand on. With these features, you can depend on staying safe as you shower or bathe.

The aluminum frame of this chair offers two benefits. It provides strength and makes the unit lightweight, so you can easily pick it up when needed. An additional benefit of the anodized aluminum frame is that this material is resistant to corrosion.

To enhance the user’s comfort, the chair is built with an ergonomic seat, a comfortable backrest, and stable armrests. It features a contoured seat made of polyethylene, which offers good support for individuals during use. This seat is also designed with drainage holes, which prevent water from collecting on top of the seat.

There are also rail arms that are equipped with good padding. These armrests increase comfort and provide more support. However, you can also use this chair without the armrests if you find it more convenient. The armrests, as well as the back, are easily removable.


Why the Disabled and Elderly Need to Use a Shower Chair

When you have difficulties with mobility, a simple activity such as showering becomes daunting. You cannot move in and out of a tub easily, yet you can’t also stand for several minutes in a shower. But since we can’t do without bathing every day, there should be a better way for the elderly and disabled to bath comfortably. Fortunately, a shower chair is the solution people with mobility issues need for several reasons.


Shower chairs are either large, square shaped with armrests, or curved inwards to resemble a bench. For support, the chairs feature aluminum made materials, with some having rubber pads to prevent slipping. With these qualities, the best bath bench will help a disabled person shower with no risks of injuries in the bathroom.

Easy Access

People who use wheelchairs have difficulties accessing bathrooms. However, this problem is completely solved when a shower chair is used. Some quality shower chairs, for instance, have a sliding bench to help the disabled person have access into the shower in a smooth transition. All the elderly man or disabled woman needs is a quality shower chair, and access to the bathroom becomes effortless.


Nothing provides better comfort than a textured chair with armrests for extra support. With the curved nature of modern shower chairs, a back and frames for support, elderly people can now shower without struggles or support from others. A quality shower chair will more than often also provide relaxation to the user. This is of great advantage to elderly people, to whom standing for a while can be both painful and distressing.

They are Affordable

With quality shower chairs costing below $50, there is no reason for an elderly or disabled person not to have a shower chair. After all, alternatives to shower chairs are either expensive or risky.

Choosing the Best Shower Chair

A shower chair by its nature is supposed to withstand constant exposure to water without rusting. It should hold persons weighing up to 300 pounds and should provide the comfort and stability that its main target users-the elderly and disabled yearn for. This makes the following features absolutely important to look out for as you shop for a quality shower chair for your loved one.

  1. Quality of the Seat

    The first thing people look at when they see a shower chair is its seat. How large is it? Can it fit in your loved one comfortably? Settle for a chair that is slightly curved inwards and fitted with drainage holes if you want comfort and easy maintenance. The seat size will depend on the size and weight of the user. Also, ensure that the seat is textured or contoured to reduce any slippery chances.

  2. Rubber Padded Legs

    Modern shower chairs come with metal made legs that are resistant to corrosion. This is an important feature as the chair is bound to come into contact with water. The fact that metal is the best material all goes back to durability and strength. Metal made legs will hold large people and keep the chair stable throughout the shower session. Rubber padding, on the other hand, provides anti slipper while also protecting your floor from getting scratched by metal.

  3. Height

    Almost every shower chair worth buying nowadays has adjustable height features. This eliminates the possibility of buying a chair that could be too short or too long for the user. It also makes it versatile, as someone else with mobility issues could benefit from the chair.

  4. Safety and Comfort

    There are several indicators that define a safe shower chair. The presence of armrests, for instance, adds comfort to a chair. A chair with back, stable legs and rubber pads all enhance the comfort of the user. Buy a chair with all the aforementioned features if safety is something you dearly hold.

  5. Compartments and Drainage Systems

    Some shower chairs feature compartments where you could store toiletry or a few other items such as soap. These features, together with a drainage system that leaves the chair with no stagnant water after a shower should help you find value in the money you invest.

  6. Cost and Warranty

    Quality shower chairs cost as little as $30 but can go as high as $150 for chairs with more features and capabilities. For $50 you should find a good chair with the comfort, strength, and durability you need. Also, look out for a chair that provides a warranty.


Unless you need more clarification about these chairs, our shower chair review above should help you find a quality chair for your loved one. Keep in mind that quality in the best shower chair has a lot to do with comfort and safety and less in design and attractiveness. If you find a chair with all the features you desire, go for it. If not, prioritize the chair’s quality, comfort and capacity to hold your loved one conveniently above everything else.

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