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Best Shower Water Filter Systems (Ultimate Guide 2021)

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Do you experience skin itchiness every time you take a shower? Your water could be the cause. According to studies, 60% of homes in the country use contaminated water that could be affecting your hair and skin, causing irritation, dandruff, eczema. Fortunately, these problems can be prevented with the help of the best shower water filter system. Read on our shower head filter reviews below to learn which products have been performing the best in 2021.

Top 6 Shower Head Filters

Shower Head Filters Reviewed

AquaHomeGroup AHG12S

best shower head filterThe most popular filter shower head in 2021 is the AquaHomeGroup AHG12S model. It’s a stylish shower head offering multiple stages of filtration, effectively removing water contaminants, and providing gentle care for the body.


  • 15 stages of filtration. The shower head is equipped with a KDF 55 filter, alkaline ceramic balls, coconut activated carbon, calcium sulfite balls, and other filtration materials. The result is the removal of many of the water contaminants, such as chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, sulfur, rust, and sediments.
  • Saturates water with vitamins C and E. The shower head includes a cartridge that features beads with vitamin C and E. It saturates the water with high vitamin concentration, promoting good hair and skin condition.
  • Quick installation. You can easily install the AquaHomeGroup shower head model with no tools required. It fits any standard shower fixture, so it’s all about just screwing it on and tightening the connection.
  • Design and construction. Despite its comparatively low price tag, the AquaHomeGroup model has a beautiful design that meant to improve your bathroom’s aesthetics. It has most parts constructed from quality plastics that will last for long. The filter, however, is designed to perform for 6 months.


  • Only one spray pattern.
  • Available only in chrome finish.


Nosame Filter Shower Head

best shower water filter systemThe Nosame is also one of the best shower water filter systems. This ionic shower head also has multiple layers of filtration, but in addition, it also offers different spray modes. And on top of that, it is the most budget-friendly option. It is the cheapest filter shower head on our list. All this is designed to provide you with the best shower experience.


  • Handheld design. With a handheld shower head, you get more versatile use. You can use it as a fixed shower head or take it off the mount when you need more focused spray, for example, when you’re washing pets.
  • Attractive. The shower head is made of a combination of high quality ABS plastic and stainless steel parts. It also features transparent parts that allow you to see the filtration beads inside. This gives it an interesting and stylish look.
  • Features multi-layer filtration. This shower head is equipped with a sediment filter and mineral balls that soften and filter the water. Users comment on feeling improvements in their hair and skin condition. However, there is no information from the manufacturer which impurities exactly this filter removes. So it might not be a good choice for heavily contaminated water as it likely doesn’t remove heavy metals or bacteria.
  • Multiple spray modes. There are 3 spray modes that include rainfall, massage, and jet spray patterns. By adjusting the spray pattern to your preference, everyone in your family can get the shower experience that they like.
  • Good water pressure. The shower head uses special technology that produces more pressure with a lower output of water. So it’s perfect for water saving or if you have low pressure in your home.
  • Quick installation. This filtered shower head fits standard G1/2 pipe threads. However, you will need to additionally buy a hose and Teflon tape.
  • Durability. The shower filter features a top quality design meant to last for many years. Due to how it’s designed, it’s also easy to maintain. You can take it apart and wash it if you notice any buildup, which helps to prolong its lifespan.


  • Does not include the hose.
  • No information about what exactly it can filter.


Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Head Filter

shower head filter reviewsCulligan WSH-C125 is a shower head with a cartridge designed to last for six months, removing all but little amounts of chlorine and sulfur. The shower head comes with an option of multiple spray settings. It is easy to install and works efficiently well for the first six months. After six months, you are advised to replace it with another cartridge for the subsequent efficiency of water filtration.


  • Reduced chlorine and scale build-up. The Culligan WSH-C125 shower tool is designed to reduce 99% of all chlorine and scale build up in your shower water. It also eliminates other waterborne impurities, so that you get an improved shower experience with no risks from your water.
  • Multiple spray settings. The Culligan model features five different shower spray settings: maximum concentration, gentle spray, a combination of both and settings to deliver a spa-like shower effect.
  • Quick and easy to install. You don’t need a manual to install the water filter for the shower head. Installing the tool is easy even when you have no tools. Simply put, you screw it onto your shower arm after you attach the thread onto the shower outlet with some little help from your Teflon tape.
  • Durability. The shower head’s filter is not permanent. However, it is designed such that it performs at an absolutely impressive rate for the first six months. The shower head itself is, however, designed to last for years. On the other hand, the shower head’s nozzles are designed for easy cleaning to reduce clogging as much as possible.
  • Warranty. Comes with a 5-year warranty.


Feelso Shower Head Filter Combo

good shower filter for hair and well waterIf you have a low budget, another good shower head filter combo option is the Feelso product. It costs slightly more than the Nosame shower head, but it also has a lot more to offer. It includes multiple stages of powerful filtration and multiple spray settings. With it, you can get the cleanest shower experience in water that is free of harmful substances.


  • Nice design. The Feelso product will look good in any bathroom decor. And the design not only looks good, but it’s also user-friendly. The shower head is connected with a swivel ball joint, so you can adjust the angle as you want.
  • High quality build. It is made of premium ABS plastic and chrome plating. This makes the shower head durable and nice looking. Based on the quality plastic materials used to house the water filter, you could live with the product for years while it performs efficiently well.
  • Effective water filtration. There are 15 stages of filtration, which effectively remove chlorine, unpleasant odors, heavy metals, and other impurities. The stages include filtration through actiated carbon, mineral balls, negative ion balls, KDF 55, vitamin C, and more. It all helps in making your skin feel better and it makes your hair feel softer and smoother.
  • 5 spray modes. Three of them are rain, massage, mist. And the other two are a combination of rain/massage and rain/mist. The multiple modes allow different users to easily choose the shower experience that they want.
  • Quick installation. Like all other bestselling shower head filters, the Feelso product is easy to install. The shower head comes with the filter, Teflon tape, and instructions.
  • Eliminates synthetic chemicals. The Jonathan beauty product is designed to eliminate any water impurities that stop you from enjoying your showers. It will eliminate synthetic chemicals and heavy metal and leave you with soft water that will have a positive effect on your skin and hair.


  • Has only a chrome finish option.


Taike Filtered Shower Head

top rated shower water filterIf you’re looking for a filter shower head that can give both a true rainfall shower experience and a handheld option, our top recommendation is the Taike combo. It’s a dual shower head that features a filter in the rainfall fitting. However, unfortunately, there’s no filter in the handheld shower head.


  • Quality build. This shower head features a high quality ABS plastic body and chrome plating. The materials are rustproof and are durable enough to withstand years of use.
  • Adjustability. You get all the adjustability to create the perfect shower experience. First of all, you can adjust the water pressure from high to low. You can also pause the water flow, so you can conserve water and not let it run needlessly. Secondly, you can adjust the spray pattern. You can choose either a powerful spray, a massage, or a powerful massage. One more thing you can adjust is the angle of the shower head.
  • High pressure. Even if you have low pressure in your home, this shower head is capable of delivering a downpour shower experience. It uses air-in technology for giving the water a pressure boost. So, even though it doesn’t go over the 2.5 GPM flow rate, you still get drenched in water.
  • Water impurities removal. The shower water filter eliminates water contaminants, such as chlorine, bad odors, and heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, and chromium. The result of this multi stage water filtration is beneficial for your skin and hair.
  • Quick installation. The Taike model has a simple setup that makes it easy to install. Except for the shower heads, filter, and hose, it also includes Teflon tape, rubber rings, a 3-way diverter, and a mount for the handheld shower head.
  • Inexpensive. Considering that you get two shower heads and water filtration in one package, this combo is very affordable.


  • You can only buy in chrome look.


PureAction Handheld Filter Shower Head

shower filter comparisonThe PureAction model is another handheld filter shower head. It is also one of the top shower filters on the market today. It’s well built, looks good, and gives effective filtration providing you with revitalizing effects of filtered water.


  • Great design and build. The PureAction features a sleek chrome finish that will look good in any bathroom. It’s also made from high quality materials, which include a combination of ABS plastic and stainless steel.
  • Effective water filter. The filter consists of three parts that include a cartridge, a filter sponge, and a number of alkaline ceramic beads. The result of its filtration is the removal of up to 99.9% of chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, sediments, and demineralizing dissolved minerals. It also adds vitamin C to the water, providing softness to the system.
  • Features multiple spray settings. With this stylish shower head, you can have spa-like showers. You can adjust it to enjoy either rain or massage type of spray. Or you can set it to a pattern that is a combination of these two sprays.
  • Quick installation. Despite its complicated design, it is easy to install the PureAction shower head filter. Most of its parts are pre-installed, including the filtration cartridge. So all you’ll need to do is connect the shower head to the included hose, apply the also included Teflon tape, and screw it onto any standard shower arm.


What is a Shower Filter?

A water filter is a small filter installed inside of a shower head to physically trap water impurities. Water filters are designed differently. Some are designed to use a physical barrier, some use chemical methods while others use a combination of both physical and chemical methods to reduce unwanted impurities. Depending on its quality, a water filter will trap unwanted water impurities to a specific extent. The standard impurity filtration ability is 90% elimination of impurities.


Since a water filter uses a combination of chemical processes such as ion exchange with physical sieving, they are able to filter out much smaller particles than the holes through which shower water passes. Some good quality shower filters, for example, eliminate 95% or more of chlorine impurities. Some have the ability to soften hard water.


Water filters are seldom expensive. However, what matters is whether you have a shower head that accepts a water filter. As such, most people go looking for shower head filters so as to get quality shower heads that will work efficiently well when a filter is installed inside them.

Reasons to Get a Shower Filter

Showering in unfiltered water is like showering in liquid pesticides and it is easy to understand why. Most municipalities don’t eliminate hard water completely, which leaves you to shower in water that contains chlorine, lead, and some other dangerous minerals. Some of these minerals are toxic, and in large quantities could cause diseases. Some of these pesticides like chlorine are not dangerous, but they are the reason you have dry skin and itchiness every time you take a shower. So, do you need the most effective shower filter in your home? Below we look at the risks of showering under unfiltered water versus the benefits you get by installing a water filter.

  1. Disease-Causing Impurities Resides in Unfiltered Water

    Most people don’t think that the water that streams out of their shower can affect them in any way. But truth be told, there are plenty of microorganisms and minerals in the water that can make you sick. According to studies, most homes in the United States use water that could potentially cause pulmonary diseases. According to CDC reports, for example, people who use hot showers are often exposed to chlorine and the effects it has on your lungs. Some other minerals like lead are also dangerous when exposed to your skin.

  2. Cosmetic Reasons

    You’ve probably heard someone refer to water filters as beauty products. They indeed are good beauty products that could restore your lavish, silky hair back. Their simple job of sieving hard minerals and softening hard water ensures that your skin does not get into contact with the same minerals that make it dry and itchy. The lack of exposure to water impurities also enhances your hair’s softness, since its natural oils are not washed away anymore. Chlorine, which is the most common water contaminant, is particularly notorious for affecting your skin and hair. When chlorine is thus reduced, your skin’s aging process reduces. Your hair’s natural shine improves.

  3. To Make Your Showers More Enjoyable

    If you have ever got out of a shower feeling more tired than before, it is because chlorine and other chemical compounds got into your body. Chlorine, for example, can be inhaled. Mercury and some other minerals can be absorbed through your skin. And even when none of the minerals get into your body, simply having these impurities washes away the oils that make your skin soft or block the skin pores that keep your energetic can have a negative effect on you. However, a good shower filter that can filter out this mineral and leave you to shower in water that makes you feel relaxed and energetic.

  4. Some Water Impurities can Cause Cancer

    It is not a scare tactic-research by the CDC demonstrates that long-term exposure to chlorine and some other chemical compounds can cause cancer. If you use hot water to shower especially, you are more exposed to these chemical compounds because they turn into gas under hot temperatures and get into your body through inhalation. Some studies show that vaporized chlorine is 100 times likely to get into your body system than simply when in liquid form.

  5. Water Irritants Increase Exposure to Asthma

    Studies show that asthmatic people who shower in unfiltered water get more asthmatic attacks than those who use filtered water. The studies associate poor indoor air quality and exposure to irritants such as chlorine as leading causes of asthmatic attacks. In different but related studies, scientists have noted that children who swim in chlorinated water tend to get more attacks than those who swim in water with little amounts of chlorine. By avoiding these minerals, you enjoy better showers that have no risks to asthma and other pulmonary related diseases.

  6. Overall Better Showers

    Removing chlorine and other water impurities generally makes your showers better. The air quality in your bathroom for example improves. The irritation of chlorine and other minerals also get eliminated. The minerals that make your skin and hair dry are reduced. In general, filtering out water impurities allow you to shower in soft and healthy water that leaves you feeling relaxed, healthy, and energetic.

Types of Shower Head Filters

Everyone wants a shower filter for hair and skin. Yet, not all shower filters in the market can effectively remove the impurities that make your skin dry. There are different types of shower head filters in the market, each of them designed to eliminate specific types of minerals. Carbon filters for example help reduce chemical odors and trap dirt. However, these filters are not as effective in eliminating chloramines as vitamin C filters are. Below we look at the major types of shower filters so that you know what to buy for your shower.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters contain carbon compounds in them. They are very popular with air filters because carbon is great at eliminating odors. When it comes to your showers, however, carbon filters are limited. They are good at removing chlorine, dirt, and odors from chemical compounds, especially if you shower with cold water. Under hot water, however, carbon loses its effectiveness. This makes the filters ineffective to most people because you probably shower under warm water sometimes or every day.

Should you buy a carbon filter? If you are only interested in removing chlorine and physical water contaminants, you have no reason not to own a carbon filter. If you want to eliminate almost every contaminant in your water, however, a carbon filter will disappoint you.

KDF Filters

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion or KDF is a water filtration technology that helps eliminate unwanted minerals by combining them to form harmless compounds. KDF filters are very effective at eliminating hard water minerals like copper and zinc especially when your water is pressurized.

When pressurized hard water that contains unwanted mineral compounds hit these filters, individual minerals like copper and zinc are combined through an electromagnetic reaction. The result is a mixture of compounds that are neither harmful to your skin nor to your body in general. The biggest downside to these filters is that they only work well when your water is pressurized. Again, KDF filters can’t completely eliminate chloramines.

Vitamin C Filters

Vitamin C filters are some of the most recommended types of shower filters. For many people who can afford them, Vitamin C filters are the best filters at eliminating compounds from municipal water. They use ascorbic acid to neutralize chlorine and all of its compounds. According to experts, vitamin C filters will eliminate virtually 99% of chlorine from your water.

Unlike carbon and KDF filters, these filters are not affected by hot water. They instead work consistently well until the ascorbic acid in them gets depleted. The biggest downside of the filters is that they don’t last long. An average Vitamin C filter will last between 2 and 4 months depending on how many showers you take.

Bioactive Filters

Bioactive filters remove water impurities by passing water through granular media such as sand. Their effectiveness, according to CDC, varies a lot. However, a good bioactive filter can eliminate an extremely long list of water impurities, including viruses and water color concerns.

Usually, bioactive filters work differently, but most of them work in a dual or multi-stage process. The conventional system, for example, uses a series of stages to treat water. The first stage is where chemical coagulants are introduced to the water to form suspended particles that can easily be removed. The second step involves the removal of the already suspended particles. The third step involves the use of normal filters to trap any remaining particles. While effective, bioactive filtration is best used by experts. This is because the use of coagulants requires special skills to handle effectively. Again, the method is not effective where water is pressurized.

How to Find the Best Shower Water Filter

By now you already know you can treat your bathroom water to have more enjoyable showers. You probably also have an idea of the type of shower filter you want in your home. However, the following guide hopes to clear your doubts about the type of shower filter you need by evaluating several of the most important factors to consider when buying a shower head filter.

Choose KDF or Vitamin C Filter

KDF and Vitamin C filters are the most recommended shower water filters in reducing chlorine and other water impurities that run through your shower water. Any other type of filter will either be ineffective or complicated to work with. However, if it comes to a decision where you have to choose between KDF and Vitamin C filters, consider what you prioritize most. KDF filters are effective at reducing chlorine and other contaminants, but they do not eliminate chloramines completely. Vitamin C filters, on the other hand, eliminate chloramines with great efficacy but they are a bit more expensive. Choose, therefore, whether you need chloramines eliminated completely or whether you are fine with the efficiency rate of KDF filters.

Filter Lifespan

How long is the shower filter effective? It should matter a lot to know that you are paying for a shower filter that can serve you efficiently for some time. On average, shower filters last between 6 and 12 months, with the exception of Vitamin C filters that last between 2 and 4 months. Pick a shower filter that will provide the most value to you. If you are allergic to chlorine and other water irritants, note that a valuable shower filter could be one that only lasts three months. It will be valuable because it will probably have a better efficiency rate and protect you from the irritants you are allergic to.

Availability and Cost of Replacement Filters

In the spirit of looking for a shower filter, you can find value in, consider the costs of replacing the filter every six months. Make a shower water filter comparison. Consider how easy it is to find a particular brand and the costs of buying the brand every time you need to replace the filters. Make sure that your desired water filters are easily available, and that you can afford to buy them every time you need them replaced. The goal, therefore, is to find great quality, affordable replacement filters that can be found in any retail store.

Reputable Brand

Carry out a quick study in online retail stores to find out what customers think about the particular brand’s shower head replacement filters. You want to make sure that you are committing yourself to filters that are respected in both their quality and in their efficiency. Usually, the most popular brands sell greater quality filters. They also tend to have easily available parts. However, you still can find cheaper replacement filters that provide value. Their only drawback, unfortunately, is that that they are not always available. You may also note how durable they are and if they come with generous warranties.

Bottom Line

Having the best quality shower head contributes only half to getting enjoyable showers. Ensuring that you use high quality water, on the other hand, contributes a great portion of this success. With high quality water, you will already know that your shower head can last longer. However, enjoying completely invigorating showers in a bathroom filled with improved air quality asks for the best shower head filter. It asks you to have a combination of the best shower head, high quality water, and a good filter to eliminate all unwanted impurities. Fortunately, finding all these tools is possible. In ou shower head filter reviews above, you can find a shower head filter that serves you efficiently well in the long run.

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