Best Shower Panel System Reviews (Top 6 Products)

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With a shower panel system, you don’t need a separate handheld spray to supplement your rainfall shower head. The system has all the shower features you need in one place. With one click of a button, you can select rainfall shower, pause or change to rinse mode. But advanced as the system sounds, it takes time to find your best shower panel system. Read our shower panel system reviews below to find several systems that could be compatible with your needs and your bathroom’s design.

Shower panel systems are also known as shower boards. They come in different designs and styles that could completely change how you feel about them. If you want to find an ideal system for your bathroom, take the time to read through the systems’ designs, settings, and functions. The system’s size, and especially the shower head’s size, should also matter.

Top 6 Shower Panel Systems in 2021

Shower Panel Systems Reviewed

Blue Ocean SPA392M Shower Panel System

best shower panel systemThe Blue Ocean SPA392M is one of the best looking and most functional shower panel systems available on the market today. Its design is a piece of art that will look great in any bathroom and its state-of-the-art technology is multi-functional, offering the most luxurious shower experience.

This system packs a lot of features into one panel. It is equipped with a rain shower head, so you can enjoy overhead showers with the soothing sensation of being drenched by raindrops. It also includes a handheld shower head, which is perfect for situations when you want to focus the spray in a certain area. The handheld wand is also useful when bathing kids, pets, or the handicapped.

Moreover, this top rated shower panel system features 8 spray nozzles with the pressure of each one of them individually adjustable. So you can choose whether you would like to have a powerful massage or a gentle mist.

Additionally, the shower panel is equipped with a tub spout. It’s a handy addition if you’re installing this panel for a bath/shower combo. And even if you’re installing it in a shower, it’s good to have it for things like washing feet, filling buckets, etc.

Another great feature of this system is the digital display located on the front. It tells you the current water temperature, so you can choose a precise temperature to enjoy a higher level of shower experience.

This is also a durable shower panel system. It’s built out of high quality aluminum alloy, so the structure is light, yet durable. Moreover, the frame of the panel additionally features a 3/16 inches tempered glass surface that is reflective like a mirror.


  • Rainfall shower head.
  • Handheld shower head with 4 functions.
  • Tub spout.
  • 8 adjustable spray nozzles.
  • Temperature display.
  • Durable aluminum alloy body.
  • Size: 52″H x 10″W x 3.5″D.
  • Includes all installation parts.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • You can’t use more than one function at a time.
  • Requires batteries for the digital display.
  • Shorter warranty period compared to some of the other brands.

Ello&Allo PS12-S2 Shower Tower

shower panel system reviewsEllo&Allo PS12-S2 is also one of the best shower wall panels in 2021. It features solid construction, multiple features, and a design that would look striking in any bathroom.

This shower tower features stainless steel body that is built for rust resistance and long lasting use. And there are two finish options that you can choose from. One of them is brushed nickel and the other is black. Both look sleek and modern, but you can choose one that better suits your bathroom decor.

The system offers different functions. It features a rainfall showerhead that is built into the body of the shower panel. It provides a water drenching experience with full body coverage. And it allows you to choose between rainfall and waterfall settings.

A great addition to the rain shower head is the LED light. It is battery powered, so it doesn’t require any wiring. The system will also need batteries for the temperature display.

There’s also an included handheld shower head that comes with a 59 inch hose that gives plenty of reach into all the corners of the shower. Moreover, the handheld shower offers 3 spray functions, so you can choose a shower with more or less pressure.

The shower tower also features 4 adjustable jet nozzles. They offer high power body massage spray. When using this function, you can also choose between two settings.

What’s great about this shower panel system is also that you can use two of its functions at the same time. So you could use the rain shower and jet nozzles at the same time. However, keep in mind that that would impact the pressure.


  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Rain shower head with 2 settings.
  • Handheld shower head with 3 functions.
  • 4 high power jets.
  • LED light.
  • Temperature display.
  • You can use two functions simultaneously.
  • Size: 55.11″ H x 18.3″ W x 8″ D.
  • 2 year parts warranty.
  • Requires batteries for LED light and temperature display.
  • Difficult to replace batteries.

Rovogo RVG18222 Shower Panel System With Jets

top rated shower panel systemThe Rovogo RVG18222 is another great shower wall system. Featuring a sleek, mirrored finish, large and small round shaped shower heads, and multiple massage nozzles, this Rovogo model delivers the luxury shower you have always dreamed of. Besides beauty, the shower panel also features strong construction, so that you can benefit from the system’s services for ages.

For durability, this shower panel system is built with a stainless steel body. So the system has strong, rust proof construction that is designed for better longevity.

When it comes to the finish, there are two options. You can choose either brushed stainless steel or black. The brushed finish offers a distinctive look with the muted luster of the surface. It’s great for those that want a shower panel that isn’t too reflective.

This shower tower includes two shower heads. One of them features an 8 inch shower face, which offers a rainfall shower experience. Its large face and 90 spray nozzles provide wide coverage, ensuring that you get drenched in water shoulder to shoulder.

The rain shower head is also adjustable. First of all, you can adjust the arm that it sits on. You can move it up and down to accommodate users of different heights. And secondly, you can adjust the angle of the shower face.

The system also comes with a handheld shower head. It offers 5 settings with different water pressure options. It also includes a 59 inch hose that is made of ultra flexible stainless steel.

A unit feature of this shower panel system is the anti-limescale function. Both shower heads are equipped with pop-out needles. So you just need to press a button and these needles will remove any buildup limescale.

Another feature is the massage function of 6 powerful jets. They provide full body massage, which is perfect for soothing tired and sore muscles. These jets also feature an angle adjustable design, so you can customize the spray to your preference and needs.


  • Stainless steel body.
  • 5 function handheld shower head.
  • Large 8 inch rain shower head.
  • Adjustable shower arm.
  • Anti limescale function.
  • 6 powerful massage jets.
  • The jets are angle adjustable.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • You can’t use two functions at the same time.

Blue Ocean SP822322 Full Body Shower Panel System

best full body shower systemThe Blue Ocean SP822322 features a stylish shower board built with maximum durability and functionality in mind. This budget shower panel tower features a strong stainless steel body and knobs, as well as an elegant satin finish. When it comes to performance, you have the choice to set it in a myriad of ways that could help you achieve luxurious showers.

This shower panel system offers three functions. They include an overhead shower head, handheld shower, and a tub spout. In addition, the panel features two control valves for switching between these three functions and adjusting water temperature.

The rainfall shower head features an extra large size. It provides shoulder to shoulder coverage, ensuring that you get fully immersed in warm water. It also sits on an adjustable arm, so you can customize the height for your needs.

As for the handheld shower head, it offers extra flexibility in the shower. You can either keep it fixed in its mount or take it off in order to focus the spray in any direction you want. However, unfortunately, this shower head doesn’t have any adjustable spray settings.

The disadvantage of this shower wall panel is its more basic design. It doesn’t include any powerful spray jets for full body massage. So if this feature is important for you, this shower tower might not be the best option. However, it makes a great choice for those looking for an affordable shower panel system.

Another downside to keep in mind is that you can use two functions at the same time. They work independently, so that whichever function you choose, you get maximum pressure.


  • Stainless steel body and control knobs.
  • Rainfall and handheld shower heads.
  • Tub spout.
  • Good water pressure.
  • Size: 48″H x 9.5″W x 3.5”D.
  • Budget price.
  • 1 year limited parts warranty.
  • Does not include massage jets.
  • Shorter warranty period compared to other brands.
  • All functions work only independently.

Blue Ocean SPA33D Full Body Shower Panel

high quality shower towerBlue Ocean offers one more high quality shower panel system. The SPA33D model is a 52 inch high panel that comes in a sleek, durable design and offers multifunctionality versatility.

This full body shower system is made for long lasting use. It’s made with an aluminum alloy body, tempered glass mirror like surface, a brass hose for the handheld shower head, and reinforced piping on the back. It also qualifies for the ISO-9001 standard, which means that it meets the requirements of strict quality control.

There are four functions offered by this shower column. They include rain shower, handheld shower, water massage from 8 adjustable nozzles, and a tub spout function. So you get a lot of versatile use out of this shower tower.

Both rain and handheld shower heads also feature LED lights. And the advantage of this system is that unlike with other shower panels that use batteries for their LED lights, this one uses hydro power. The running water powers them, which means that you won’t have to worry about any battery replacements.

However, this shower tower also comes with a temperature display. And for it, you would need batteries.

Another two great additions to this shower panel system are a glass shelf and a mirror. So you can conveniently keep all your shower accessories on the shelf and use the mirror for shaving.


  • Aluminum alloy body.
  • Tempered glass surface.
  • Rain and handheld shower heads.
  • LED light.
  • Tub spout.
  • 8 adjustable nozzles.
  • Shelf and mirror.
  • Temperature display.
  • Size: 52″H x 11.5″W x 3.5”D.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Functions work only separately.
  • The warranty period is not very long.

Rovogo RVG1206-B Shower Tower

highly rated shower wall systemRovogo RVG1206-B is also one of the best selling shower towers in 2021. It comes in a beautiful, elegant design and it is equipped with features to offer you the most luxurious showers.

This high quality shower panel is made of strong and durable stainless steel. And due to its corrosion resistant properties, this material provides better longevity. Moreover, it features a brushed stainless steel finish. The surface has a nice decorative appeal since it’s not too reflective and it’s resistant to fingerprints. However, if you would prefer another finish, this system is also available in black.

The shower system includes a rainfall shower head that is equipped with 50 nozzles. It provides a drenching experience, covering your entire body from shoulder to shoulder.

Moreover, there’s a handheld shower head, so you can move the spray in any direction that you need. It also comes with a flexible hose, so you get easy maneuverability of the shower head.

The shower panel system is also equipped with 100 spray nozzles. They provide jet spray massage, soothing your tired and sore muscles.

Lastly, there’s also an LCD display that shows the temperature of the water. It has 2 seconds response time, so you get an instant reading of the temperature. This is helpful for preventing getting scalded with hot water.


  • Stainless steel body.
  • Attractive brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Available in black finish.
  • Rain shower head with 50 nozzles.
  • Handheld shower head.
  • Spray massage with 100 nozzles.
  • Water temperature display.
  • Size: 52.9″ H x 10.2″ W x 8.6″ D.
  • Inexpensive.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • All functions work separately.

What Is a Shower Panel System?

A shower panel system is an all in one shower. Simply put, the system consists of a shower head (s) and other major functionalities that come separately in other shower heads. Instead of having a separate handheld spray, over the shower head and a massage spray, a shower panel system combines them all in one unit.


Also known as a shower board, the panel system can take up to five designs and styles. The most common design is a slim single solid model that is curved on the upper end for the overhead shower head. A massage spray feature is often designed along with the vertically shaped shower head. Another common design is a shower head with a medium sized body and a large overhead shower head. For such panel systems, the massage spray comes in the form of multiple nozzles that face horizontally. Most shower panels are made from metallic materials to offer durability. Brass, aluminum, and stainless steel are the most dominant materials.


Shower panels as you would expect cost a little bit much more than average shower heads. They range between $80 and $250, with the more expensive models having better quality features.

What Are the Advantages of Installing a Shower Panel?

A quality shower panel can have significant differences from a normal shower head. It also offers several benefits that are to find. When you compare the durability of conventional shower heads with that of a shower panel, the panel will emerge at the top. Read below to learn more about the benefits you would gain by installing a shower panel in your bathroom.

Space Saving

Starting with the most obvious benefit, a shower panel can help you reduce your bathroom space significantly. A typical shower panel will often feature a slim or medium sized, vertical design with few or no additional accessories. The slim and simplistic design is meant to reduce your bathroom space, unlike a double shower head or a separate massage shower head that could take up more space in the bathroom. Additionally, the fact that the shower panel comes in one unit makes installation work easy. You are not required to install each accessory separately. Instead, you only handle the main shower panel, which is often easy to work on even when you have no prior experience installing such tools.

Elegant Designs

Shower panels are known to cost significantly higher than typical shower heads. But they are also known for their elegant designs. A quality shower system with jets will often have a sleek body, with the co-joined or detachable shower head. Every bit of many shower panels speaks of elegance-something that is rare to find with many shower heads.


Unless you go for completely unknown models, popular brands manufacture their shower panels from stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. These metals are long-lasting, and they could keep your panel in good shape for ages.

They are a Sanctuary

Shower panels have unique designs and advanced shower functions to make your bathroom a sanctuary. Their massage spray features are often one of a kind, with some having multiple nozzles for completely spa-like showers.

How to Choose the Best Shower Panel System

Taking a shower is no longer a simple ritual that you do and forget. With a quality shower system, your shower could be a luxury that you will forever look forward to. Unfortunately, not all shower systems offer the same luxury when it comes to showers. Below we explore the features that make up the best shower system so that you pick only that shower system that best meets your needs.

  1. Material

    There should be no debates as to what materials you want in an ideal shower system. Only settle for a shower head that is made from metal. There are several metals used to make the best shower systems. Stainless steel is the most common, and the best materials. Stainless steel lasts long, it is corrosion resistant and adds a layer of elegance when used as the finish for a shower system. Aluminum and brass are other great materials for a shower system.

  2. Size

    Shower systems come in a myriad of sizes and styles. This makes deciding the size of your ideal shower system an important decision to make. Measure up your bathroom to know exactly what size of a shower system you need. The average shower system measures 65 inches in height, but you can find a bigger shower system that will fit your bathroom adequately.

  3. Features

    You will find unique features in every shower system you check out. However, every quality shower system should have the main features found in a shower. The overhead shower head, for example, should deliver both rainfall shower and waterfall shower. Other settings and features can be unique. Make a list of all possible offerings you expect from your ideal shower head so that you can have an easy time shopping. For a quality shower system, ensure that it features some of the following features:

    • Thermostatic control for controlling temperatures
    • Handheld spray feature
    • Massage nozzles
    • Multiple spray settings
  4. Water Pressure

    It makes your installation work easily when you buy a shower system that can handle the water pressure in your water supply lines. On average, this pressure will range between 29 PSI and 90 PSI. Making the mistake of buying a system that needs much more water pressure will lead to costly renovations in your home or otherwise compromise on the flow of water delivered by the shower heads.

  5. Ease of Use

    A shower system isn’t always simplistic. Some of the systems in the market can be hectic to use. With that in mind, look at the controls provided by the shower system and ensure they are controls that will make your installation easy. Most quality shower heads will have one or two buttons for controlling the spray settings. However, ensure that the controls also help you control all the settings you need in an easy and very convenient way.

  6. Temperature Lights

    A quality shower head will often have a thermostat control to ensure that you conveniently set water temperatures accordingly. However, there are modern shower systems that come with lights that can automatically tell your water temperatures. They may be a bit expensive, but these shower systems are very safe for families. Children and adults alike can check the shower’s water temperatures without endangering themselves. The colorful displays of these temperature lights also add some flavor of romance to your showers.

  7. Ease of Installation

    Find a shower head that you will easily install on your own. In addition, ensure that the shower system comes with all the accessories needed to make installation work easy. Sometimes manufacturers demand that you hire a technician to install the system or risk losing your warranty. Keep such factors in mind before you can even buy the system.

  8. Design

    Shower systems tend to be really stylish. From sleek mirrored finish designs to slim, single solid shower boards, you can find your perfect shower system match in retail stores. However, make your pick worth it by doing some due diligence on the styles and designs that really complement your bathroom’s decor. Note that some of the best shower system designs are simplistic in nature. Stainless steel shower systems, for example, go very well with most types of interior decors.

  9. Price

    The cost of a shower head can help you know what to expect in its performance and durability. Cheaper models often disappoint after a while. They are often made from poorly constructed materials. Their functions tend to disappoint a few months. However, the more expensive, more popular brands, have really good shower systems. Note that you don’t have to buy the most expensive brand, but find a shower system that will offer great value for your money.

  10. Additional Features

    The presence of a warranty and free servicing will often sway you towards buying a particular shower system. The warranty also gives some assurance that the system is likely to serve you for long. Another factor to keep in mind should be the brand’s reputation. A good manufacturer with a respected reputation will most probably offer you a quality tool.

How to Install a Shower System

Tools and Materials

  • Hacksaw
  • Drill
  • Slip-joint-pliers
  • Thermometer
  • Tile bit
  • Curb key
  • Head-screw driver
  • Shower system
  • Teflon paste
  • Compression fitting

Step One: Choose the Shower System

Buy a shower system that is best compatible with your bathroom. Expose the valve body, and turn off your bathroom water space to ready up for the installation. Relieve any pressure from the hot and cold water lines. After that, use slip-joint pliers to loosen the shower arm before you can cut the water lines to create space for installing the shower panel.

Step Two: Replace Old Parts

Replace all valves, adapters, and other bathroom parts that are worn out. If the shower system makes recommendations of accessories to use, follow the instructions and only use those valves. Before you replace anything, however, apply some Teflon paste on the ends of both the cold and hot water lines. Fit the provided adapters and use a pair of pliers to tighten them.

Step Three: Drill Into the Floor and Install Anchor

Use a drill to create the hole where your shower panel will be fitted. Make sure that you have already worked on the size of the hole to prevent drilling a larger than necessary hole. Install the anchor based on the manufacturer’s directions. Attach the water lines t the adapters you already installed. Mount your shower system carefully so that it fits in properly. For good installation, start with the upper section before handling the lower end.

Step Four: Finish Installation

Once you mount the shower system, including its hose, turn on the water source to confirm that everything is working properly. Turn on your water heater to check for the hot water lines. Test the temperatures. If everything is working properly, tighten any loose parts and complete installation.

Bottom Line

The best shower panel system will not only enhance your comfort, but it will also last for ages. It will perform consistently well for as long as you have it. And as you probably know, nothing feels satisfying than owning an attractive tool that also serves you well. As embark on your plan to buy an ideal shower system, therefore, look back at our shower panel system reviews for a chance to find your ideal shower system.

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