Best Steam Shower Generator Reviews (Guide for 2021)

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Steam relieves stress, eases muscle aches, and improves your sleep. For centuries, steam therapy was a luxury for the rich. Fortunately, it is now possible to recreate steam therapy at your home. You can now relax and chase away the chills of winter in your bathroom. All you need is the best steam shower installed in your home, and a quality steam generator to ensure you get all the steam you need. Steam shower generators come with numerous capabilities, however. There are dozens of manufacturers who will promise to deliver a quality unit but we both know that not all marketers are reliable. Read our best steam shower generator reviews to learn the truth about the top six steam shower generators in the market today.

Imagine this. You are feeling tired and worn out but within twenty minutes you can get inside your bathroom, take a shower and get out feeling relaxed. Wouldn’t that feel wonderful? Take time reading through the following top steam shower generators and you could find the right generator for your steam room.

Top 4 Steam Shower Generators in 2021

Image Product name Details Check price
7.5 kilowatt steam shower generator EliteSteam ELS-7-BN
  • KiloWatt: 7.5
  • Includes: control panel, steam head, cable
9 kilowatt residential steam shower generator Steam Planet Superior
  • KiloWatt: 6/9/12
  • Includes: two control panels, steam head, cable
low maintenance steam generator Kohler K-5529-NA
  • KiloWatt: 5/7/9/11/15/18/22/26/30
  • Fast response, Power Clean technologies
most advanced steam generator SteamSpa Executive EXT900BN-A
  • KiloWatt: 4.5/6/7.5/9/10.5/12
  • Includes: two control panels, steam head, cable, LED light, filter, pressure releaf valve, plumber ready quick connect kit

Best Steam Shower Generators Reviewed

EliteSteam ELS-7-BN Steam Room Generator

best steam shower generatorEliteSteam is one of the most successful steam room generator manufacturers in 2021. Their generators like this ELS-7-BN deliver some of the best quality in building up steam and in overall performance.

This is a 7.5kW steam generator and its adjusted cubic foot range is 250 cubic feet. However, if you think that this output is not enough, EliteSteam offers several other options with wattage as high as 15kW.

On the top of the steam head, you can find a small indent. You can add there your favorite oil to create an aromatherapy spa experience.

This steam generator is made with the user in mind, making it easy to install and maintain. It comes as a kit, so you get most of the accessories for setup and use. Except for the steam generator itself, it includes cable, a steam head, and a control panel.

What makes this steam generator easy to install is also that it does not require the installation of a drain. This drain-free operation also means easier maintenance of the unit. However, there’s an option of installing either a manual drain or an automatic one. The Autodrain, which is sold separately, can be a good addition if you have concerns about water quality in your house. For example, if you have hard water, but don’t have a water softener.

Moreover, the steam generator comes in a conveniently compact size. It means that you can fit it into almost any space. You can install it under counter in a vanity or in a storage closet close to your steam shower.

Another advantage of this steam shower generator is its high quality design that is engineered to provide many years of dependable performance. It’s built from premium quality components, such as copper shell heating elements and a stainless steel tank. This design provides problem free operation.

When buying this unit, you have the option to select the finish of the inside control. You can choose it in either polished chrome, brushed nickel, or polished nickel finish.


Steam Planet Superior 9Kw

best residential steam shower generatorSuperior 9kW from Steam Planet is a powerful steam bath generator that is a perfect choice for budget buyers. With its ability to achieve 9kWs of power, you could install the generator in a medium or large steam shower and have it efficiently generating steam.

Similar to the above mentioned EliteSteam unit, this steam generator also has different output options. Except for the 9kW option that can heat steam rooms of about 320-460 cubic feet, there are also 6kW and 12kW units.

The steam generator comes with a few accessories, which include a cable, a steam head, and a keypad. In the steam head, there’s also a special built-in reservoir that can be used for aromatherapy oils.

The keypad can be either white or black. Moreover, you can buy this kit with either just one or two keypads. Having two keypads can be advantageous if you want to install one inside and the other outside the steam shower.

This control panel offers a contemporary look and digital control of the generator’s features. It allows you to select the preferred temperature, as well as program the time.

This generator is built for convenient use and as such, it comes in an easy to install design. First of all, it’s a self draining system, so you don’t need to install any drain. However, if you prefer, you can additionally purchase a drip pan with a drain. Secondly, the unit comes with 20 feet of connecting wire, which means that you have plenty of flexibility in where to install the control panel. Lastly, it has a detachable temperature probe, which also helps with easier installation.


Kohler K-5529-NA

steam generator reviewsKohler offers one of the most expensive residential steam shower generators. However, for the high price, you do get a product from one of the most popular and most reliable brands in the industry.

This steam shower generator is available with the widest selection of power output. This particular unit is a 9kW steam generator and it’s capable of heating up rooms up to 240 cubic feet. Alternatively, you can choose a system with a power output as low as 5kW and as high as 30kW. And it has many other options in between. So there’s a perfect system for any setup both small and large steam showers.

This is a durable steam generator that is made of stainless steel. This construction not only provides long lasting durability but also ensures that while the inner components maintain a high temperature, the outer casing stays safe to the touch. The high quality finish of this unit also adds to its durability. It keeps the steam generator cornish and tarnish resistant.

One of the great features of this steam generator is the Fast-Response technology. It works to provide steam in just 60 seconds, allowing you to enjoy the purifying benefits of a steam shower almost immediately. Moreover, once it starts producing steam, the steam level stays consistent with minimal temperature fluctuations.

Another notable feature is the Power Clean mode. It provides automatic cleaning and maintenance of the system. After 600 minutes of use, it gives you a message to run the cleaning cycle, which you can then activate with just a push of a button.

However, for a steam generator this expensive, it’s surprising that it includes neither the steam head nor the control panel. Both of these have to be purchased separately.


SteamSpa Executive EXT900BN-A

most powerful steam shower generatorSteamSpa EXT900BN-A is a powerful steam generator designed to deliver everything you would expect from a top rated model. This is a 6kW feature rich steam generator that is suitable for steam showers up to 150 cubic feet. However, there’s also a smaller version available of 4.5kW and a few bigger units up to 12kW.

This steam generator is manufactured using high quality standards and workmanship. It includes durable parts, such as the stainless steel outer casing. To assure the buyer of the quality, the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty. So if you find any defects in materials or workmanship, you can replace those defective parts free of charge.

What makes this steam generator stand out is also that it comes as a complete kit that includes everything you’ll need for the installation. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your steam spa almost right away.

The package includes two control panels, a steam head, an LED light, a filter, a drain, and a pressure relief valve. On top of that, the product includes a plumber ready quick connection kit, which can help to save time and money on the installation.

With two control panels, you can have one within easy reach in the steam shower and the other somewhere on the outside. The control panel is very easy to use. It has a wide digital display and touchpad buttons. Using this panel, you can set the time and temperature. You can also save your favorite settings so that the system remembers them for next use.

The steam head has three finish options. You can choose either polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, or brushed nickel. The design of this steam head features a steam vent in the bottom and a small aroma oil reservoir in the top.

The supplied drain is already built into the unit. It provides auto drainage, so you won’t have to worry about manually removing the remaining water. After each use, the system purges any excess water along with any minerals or deposits that you might have in your water system. This simplifies maintenance and helps prevent issues down the road.

This steam generator also provides efficient performance. It’s equipped with two innovative technologies, which are QuickStart and Continuous steam. Thanks to the QuickStart technology provides, the system can produce within 1-2 minutes. And with the addition of the Continuous steam feature, the amount of steam it produces stays on a consistent level.


What is a Steam Shower Generator?

A steam generator is a machine used to convert water into steam. Cold water is boiled and converted into steam with the help of the generator. Once water is converted into steam, it is delivered to your steam room under controlled temperatures. Most steam shower units come with a generator. Depending on how the original generator performs, you may be obliged to invest in a separate, reliable steam generator.


A steam generator is often equal in size or smaller than a briefcase. Most of them resemble a car battery in design, except for the fact that they are often smaller and much lighter. When buying a steam generator, sizing it up to ensure it can deliver the steam needed to keep your steam room luxurious is important. However, sizing your steam generator does not in any way relate to its physical size. That is because most steam generators are similar in size almost all of the time. A 3kW steam generator, for example, is most probably similar in size to a 9kW generator, but the power capabilities are different.

Power Rating

Now that you know that the generator’s physical size is no an indicator of its performance; here is something that actually matters. A generator’s power rating ranges between 3kW and 12Kws for the home shower system. The higher the power rating, usually the more powerful the steam generator is. A 3 kW steam generator, for example, powers enough steam for a 1 person steam shower efficiently.

When you use it in a 500 cubic feet steam room it will certainly struggle to deliver steam. A standard generator delivers at least 6Kws of power. This can, in turn, provide a fast steam build up time of two minutes or fewer, and then deliver enough steam in the room throughout your shower period accordingly.


One of the reasons why shower units can be expensive is because of their generator. As a separate unit, a steam generator can cost in excess of $1,000. Most generators range between $1000 and $2000. Of course, what you want to pay more attention to is the generator’s power rating, control features and anything else that will assure you of an impressive performance for long.

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Steam Shower Generator

Having a steam generator that can build up steam in the shortest time possible is the goal of every steam room owner. Unfortunately, most of the steam generators sold together with the steam shower don’t last long. Those that do either take too long to build up steam or they are unreliable at times. When you decide to buy your next steam generator, therefore, keep in mind some of the following tips, mentioned in this buying guide.

  1. Power Output

    A steam generator’s power output is probably the most important factor you need to keep in mind during this process. A generator will work efficiently depending on how much power it can produce. If you buy a 3kW steam generator, it will perform within the limits of a 3kW generator. You get what you pay for, remember? With that in mind, evaluate the size of your steam shower and select a generator powerful enough to steam up that room.

    For a very small steam room, a 3Kw generator could do the job. But to be on the safe side, select generators with a power output of at least 6 kilowatts. If you have a 2 person steam room, select an even bigger steam generator. Besides the ability to deliver enough steam for a big steam room, a powerful generator is also more likely to build up the steam faster. And that is a great thing because you save on time.

  2. Quality

    Imagine this. You have a powerful steam generator. You bought it at a killer price. Unfortunately, the generator only lasts six months. How would that make you feel? Since you will want to enjoy steam showers after the six months, you will be forced to buy another steam generator. In the end, your steam shower will be costlier than getting the services from a health spa. Consider quality in construction and quality in performance in equal measures. If a steam generator performs well but looks poorly built, don’t invest in it.

  3. Components

    A quality steam generator features a myriad of helpful components. It should have a quality connecting wire. A wire longer than 10 ft. is the standard. It should have outlets for linking to aromatherapy scents, a radio outlet or a wand. Make sure, therefore, that as you buy a steam generator, it offers the value you can see. Look at the generator’s control panel also, and ensure that it has dials that will help you improve your experience using it.

  4. Efficiency

    Most people value a steam generator based on its efficiency. Unfortunately, you can’t tell if a generator is efficient before you use it. Can you? What you can do, however, is go through its customer ratings in online retail stores and view its performance features. Getting to know what people who already own the generator feel about it can help you decide if you should buy it. Additionally, features that can help you evaluate the generator’s efficiency include its power output and the length of its warranty. Usually, generators with lengthy warranties are most often good in quality and performance.

  5. Noise

    Like any other machine, a steam generator produces noise as it functions. That’s why most experts will advise you to install your generator in a cabinet. To ensure you have minimum noise pollution in your bathroom, select a generator with the lowest noise level. Noise in generators is measured in decibels, and the lower the decibels, the quieter the generator will be.

  6. Functionality

    Determine the goal of buying your generator long before you decide to buy it. Do you want a generator for residential use? Do you need a steam generator that can increase steam build up time? You will most likely find your ideal steam generator when you already have clear reasons why you need it.

  7. Cleaning Features

    Often underscored, cleaning a steam generator is important if it is going to last for long. You will be lucky if you buy a generator with self-cleaning technology. If you choose one with no automatic cleaning, consider carefully how the manufacturers recommend that it be cleaned.

  8. Startup Time

    How long does it take for the generator to fully function? A quality generator should power on and begin to build up steam immediately. It is the reason you probably invested in this generator after all. Many manufacturers do indicate the generator’s start-up time. Check carefully for this. If you can’t find any indication, go through the machine’s online reviews. You will find helpful information on how fast to slow it takes for the generator to start up.

  9. Safety

    When installing a steam generator, professionals will often advise you to install at least two circuit breakers. That’s because these small machines hold too much power on them. They are risky and deadly if they function in a manner that could endanger you. If the unit, for example, is poorly engineered, it could fail and expose you to accidents.

  10. Price and Warranty

    If you purchased your current steam shower for less than $1500, you will be surprised to learn that some steam generators costs higher than that. Steam generators are expensive, which is why you need to invest time knowing exactly which one suits your needs. Once you know what generator you need, you can compare prices and warranty and invest in the most ideal machine.

Steam Shower Generator Installation

Unlike installing the steam shower, a steam generator is something anyone with the will to do it can install. You will need a few tools to complete the job and put to use the following tip.

Find the Right Steam Generator

It is important to have a steam generator that can deliver to your expectations. Steam generators are very expensive as already mentioned. Determine your reasons for a generator and pick one that will deliver the expected results. If you need a generator that builds up steam, really fast so that you only spend a short span of your time in there, buy the more power generators.

Identify where to Install the Generator

You know that a steam generator can last for a decade, right? Choose a great place where the generator can serve its purpose without being. There are a few great places in your bathroom where you could install the machine properly. A good cabinet, for instance, can be an ideal installation place. A closet, or anywhere the generator isn’t vulnerable to physical damage is a great place to install it. Other than safety, your desired location should be a place nearby your bathroom’s water lines for easy connection.

Installing the Generator

Once you settle on the right place to install your generator, prepare your drilling tools. You will need two holes; one that connects the generator to the control panel and one that connects it to the steam outlet. Note that some states have general installation rules you are required to follow. Most states, for example, require a 1-inch gap for the drainage system. As for electrical connections, ask a professional for assistance or follow manufacturer’s guide accordingly.

Depending on the generator’s power rating, use an insulated copper conductor for the wiring. Install at least two circuit breakers for complete safety. One circuit breaker can be installed between the generator and the power supply and the other one in a nearby location.

Finish up Installation

If the steam generator’s control panel asks for separate installation, install at your convenient location. Once done, turn on the water to test the system. Ensure that power is off though because you want to test the generator’s performance first. Small issues that may be hindering efficient steam delivery could include holes and cracks should be addressed immediately. If everything is running on as expected, you are good to go. Installing the steam generator is something that could cost you a few years, but it is worth it when done correctly.


Small and compact, yet a steam generator is one of the most important parts of a steam shower. Some would compare it to an engine because it powers up the steam that gives you the relaxation and luxury you deserve at home. With such importance, take your time to search for the best steam shower generator. Go through our steam shower generator reviews again, and you will probably get a clearer picture of which best-selling steam shower is right for you.

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