ergonomic stand alone bathtub

Best Freestanding Tubs (Reviews and Guide 2021)

Before committing yourself to any type of bathroom renovation, one critical question is: should you get a built-in or a freestanding tub? Many consumers covet freestanding bathtubs, whether you prefer modernistic or antiquated designs. Most freestanding models are designed for complete bathing immersion and can easily be combined with any […]

affordable touchless bathroom faucet

Best Touchless Bathroom Faucet Reviews (Your Guide 2021)

Do you constantly worry about getting exposed to disease causing germs? You are not alone. No one ever wants to get sick, which is why we regularly clean the floors, countertops, and any other places that could expose the family to germs. Fortunately, today’s manufacturers are also hyperactive to produce […]

quiet ventilation fan

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan Reviews (Guide for 2021)

The airtight design used in bathrooms leads to the trapping of excess moisture. And all the humidity and condensation can spell doom for your bathroom with the surfaces becoming breeding grounds for mold and mildew. This is not only damaging for the surfaces but is also a risk to your […]

luxury bathroom faucet

Best Bathroom Faucet Reviews (Best Products in 2021)

Buying a low quality faucet will be a loss to you no matter how tempting and good looking the product appears. The following bathroom faucet reviews explore some of the best selling bathroom faucets on the market. These products were picked based on their quality, performance, and overall value for […]

full body shower wall panel

Best Shower Panel System Reviews (Top 6 Products)

With a shower panel system, you don’t need a separate handheld spray to supplement your rainfall shower head. The system has all the shower features you need in one place. With one click of a button, you can select rainfall shower, pause or change to rinse mode. But advanced as […]

indoor 4 person infrared sauna

Best Infrared Sauna Reviews (1-4 Person Saunas)

Quality saunas also offer you the opportunity to get relief from sore muscles, improve circulation in your body, relax, listen to your favorite type of music, as well as many other nice features. Investing in the best infrared sauna for home use can help you enjoy the multiple health benefits […]

portable bathroom heater

Best Bathroom Heater Reviews (Your Guide for 2021)

When the cold seasons begin, the last thing you want is to shower in a cold bathroom. Maybe you don’t mind, but getting out of the bathroom after a warm, invigorating shower and getting struck by a wave of freezing temperatures is not what most people love. If anything, people […]

water resistant shower speaker

Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker Reviews (Top 6)

You probably wouldn’t be able to imagine the world without the tech devices you own. From smartphones that have completely revolutionized communication to the computer you use, it’s a smarter world we live in. Unfortunately, few of these tools can be used wherever you go. Bluetooth shower speakers are some […]