Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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If you have a tiny bathroom, trying to fit everything in the limited available space, is no easy task. And even though everybody loves spaciousness in their bathroom, sometimes adding extra square footage is just not an option. However, there are ways to make the bathroom feel larger. So if you plan on going this route, here are 10 design bathroom ideas for small bathrooms that will help you make the best use of space.

Install a Corner Sink

design ideas for small bathroom

Pedestal sinks take up quite a bit of the available traffic lane in the bathroom. For example, you could place the sink across from the toilet. Placing it in front of the shower door can create an awkward walk-around placement.

Use a Glass Enclosure For Your Bathtub or Shower

Shower curtains are also good as they don’t require extra space as with glass doors that need room to open in and out. However, they visually separate your bathroom. A glass enclosure, on the other hand, creates a subtle divider. If you want some privacy, you can choose a glass enclosure with a frosted pattern. Or if you want your bathroom space to appear bigger, consider installing frameless glass shower doors.

Choose a Monochromatic Color Scheme

Certain colors can make your bathroom feel larger, especially if it has good natural light illumination. Usually, it’s soft neutral tones. And you don’t need to stick with just one color, you can also choose different hues.

Install Smaller Fixtures

Sinks, toilets, tubs, shower heads, and shower enclosures all come in different sizes. So consider replacing one of them with a smaller one to gain a bit of valuable free space. For example, instead of opting for a vanity sink, install a pedestal sink. They look just as nice and take up half the space.

Maximize Floor Space

Try to clean up the floor space in your small bathroom. For example, opt for a small trashcan that can be placed next to the toilet. While scales, laundry hampers, and other items that you keep on the floor there, may be stored in a bedroom or if you have in an adjacent hallway closet.

Use a Large Scale Pattern

Opt for a larger floor tile or wall tile. It can be large squares or wide strips that trick the eye into seeing expanded space.

Expand the Mirror

Opt for a mirror that takes up the entire space over the bathroom vanity or stretches over the entire wall. It will reflect light and will also visually add space in your bathroom. Moreover, it will make it easier for two people to use it at once. However, before hanging the mirror, consider what it will be reflecting. For example, if it will be facing the window, it will be reflecting light and scenery. However, if it will be placed across the bathroom linen closet, it will probably not give you the effect you were looking for.

Choose a Vanity With Open Storage Space

It will not only help the bathroom appear bigger, but it will also free up some space for your little items. There under the sink, you can store towels, baskets, or some decorative items. However, try not to clutter the vanity by putting there too many items.

Install Indirect Lighting

This is a good tip for small bathrooms that don’t have any natural light. Recessed lighting is really good because you place it anywhere and it can be focused on certain task areas. Also, it’s unobtrusive and doesn’t make the room feel shorter by bringing the ceiling down.

Add Natural Light

If it’s possible, install a window. Even better, consider bringing in natural light from above by installing a sun lighting tube from the roof. You’d be surprised how much better can a small bathroom look with some natural light from above.

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