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Ionic Shower Head Reviews – 10 Best High Pressure Ionic Shower Heads

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If you feel like your skin has been getting sensitive to the water in your shower, it’s time to install a filtration system. One popular system is an ionic shower head that uses bioactive mineral beads to remove different impurities from the water, making it softer and healthier for your skin and hair. To help you find the best ionic shower head, we’ve done the research for you and have narrowed down the selection to the top 10 products in 2021. You can check the high pressure ionic shower head reviews below to learn more about what each of these 10 shower heads has to offer.

10 Best High Pressure Ionic Shower Heads in 2021

Image Product Name Filtration Spray Settings Check Price
good negative ion shower head SparkPod FSH-2P 12 stages: ultra fine stainless steel mesh, PP cotton, activated carbon, KDF 55, magnetic energy ceramic balls, Maifan stone, Vitamin C, calcium sulfite balls, and more. 3 BUY ON AMAZON
best ionic shower head AquaHomeGroup A-15 15 stages: ultra fine stainless steel mesh, PP cotton, activated carbon, KDF 55, magnetic energy ceramic balls, Maifan stone, Vitamin C, calcium sulfite balls, and more. Cartridge only BUY ON AMAZON
best ionic filtration shower head Nosame N-S-1061 Infrared and anion beads 3 BUY ON AMAZON
ionic shower head reviews Luxsego FSH-001 Infrared and anion beads 3 BUY ON AMAZON
high pressure ionic shower head reviews PureAction SH-158 Negative ion, zeolite, and tourmaline beads + Vitamin C cartrdige 1 BUY ON AMAZON
top rated ionic shower head Prugna HD-SH-LF001 Infrared and anion beads 1 BUY ON AMAZON
good mineral bead shower head Densors Tourmaline, Maifan, Zeolite, and calcium sulfite beads + Vitamin C cartridge 1 BUY ON AMAZON
high quality mineral bead shower head Cobbe Infrared and anion beads 1 BUY ON AMAZON
recommended ionic shower heads Prugna HD-SH-F0101 Infrared and anion beads 3 BUY ON AMAZON
ionic shower head comparison StoneStream EcoPower Tourmaline, ceramic energy, and anion beads 3 BUY ON AMAZON

Ionic Shower Head Reviews

SparkPod FSH-2P

good negative ion shower headOne of the greatest multi stage high pressure ionic shower heads is the SparkPod FSH-2P. It offers effective water filtration, good pressure boosting technology, and different massage settings. And unlike the previous multi stage shower head that we reviewed above, this one includes not only the filter cartridge but also the shower head.

This shower head features a more advanced filtration system. In all, there are 12 filtration stages. In addition to the mineral beads, of which there are different layers, the system also includes a KDF-55 filter and coconut activated carbon. KDF-55 filtration removes harmful chemicals and the coconut activated carbon aids in removing chlorine and foul odors.

Moreover, the system includes calcium sulfite strips, which also help in removing chlorine with an effectiveness of up to 99%. Other filtration layers include polypropylene cotton and mineral beads, such as Maifan stone, Vitamin C balls, magnetic energy balls, far infrared mineralized balls, and others.

The result of this effective multi stage filtration is healthier skin and hair. Moreover, since it removes dirt and odors, it creates a cleaner sensation after when washing your hair and body.

The shower head also offers high water pressure. It’s designed with nano nozzles that pressurize the water flow. While using just 1.8 gallons per minute, the high pressure makes it feel like more. This can help you save water and enjoy longer hot showers.

This shower head is also designed with a universal fit for ease of installation. It fits standard 1/2 inch threads of a shower arm. It comes with a plumber’s tape, so you won’t need anything extra for the installation. And the whole installation process will take you just minutes.


AquaHomeGroup A-15 Ionic Shower Head

best ionic shower headIf you’re looking for an ionic shower head with the most effective water filtration, we recommend checking out the AquaHomeGroup A-15 product. It’s a shower head that features 15 stages of filtration that include not only mineral beads but also other types of filtration. It provides cleaner water in your shower that is both pleasant and safe for your health.

On both ends of the filter cartridge, there is a high density stainless steel mesh. It’s meant to trap larger dirt particles. There are also two PP cotton filtration layers that are added to remove sediment, rust, and other impurities in water. Other layers or stages include different kinds of mineral beads, such as alkaline ceramic balls, KDF 55, vitamin C, coconut activated carbon, and more.

The result of these multiple stages of filtration is cleaner and healthier water that helps make your skin softer and your hair shinier. The filter removes heavy metals, fluoride, and chlorine. Moreover, while removing different impurities, the filter also adds vitamin C, which helps avoid dry skin and dandruff.

One cartridge of this filter lasts six months. If you have very dirty water in your home, it might be shorter. This product comes with two cartridges included in the package, so you’ll need to buy more cartridges only after about a year.

However, this is only the filter. The shower head, hose, and mount are not included. However, this filter features standard connections, so you can install it onto standard fixtures without any tools. It also comes with Teflon tape, so it’s ready for installation right out of the package. This means that you can install it onto your existing shower head, whether it is the wall-mounted, handheld, or rain type. Or you can buy any other shower head of your choice.


Nosame N-S-1061 Mineral Beads Shower Head

best ionic filtration shower headNosame N-S-1061 is the most popular ionic shower head in 2021. It’s a multi functional shower head that is designed to deliver the best shower experience with an effective filtration system.

This fixture is made of ABS material. Two of its main parts are made of see-through plastic, so you can see the mineral beads inside. This gives the design an interesting look.

Another feature of the design is the high pressure technology. The shower head face features multiple micro nozzles with the holes smaller and denser compared to many other shower heads. This design results in increased water pressure, so it’s a good choice for those that have low water pressure in their home.

Moreover, the shower head offers three different modes, so the users can pick one that fits their mood or preference. These modes include rainfall, massage, and jet spray. There’s a three-way switch button that allows easy alternating between the modes.

As for the filtration, the fixture comes with bioactive mineral beads. When the water flows through them, they release a large number of negative ions that remove from the water chlorine and other impurities. This can help you get smoother and healthier skin, as well as softer and silkier hair. For best performance, though, it’s recommended to replace the beads every six months.

This ionic shower head is also easy to install. it comes with universal fittings. So you just need to remove your old shower head and then screw this new one onto the same shower hose. It fits any standard shower hose.


Luxsego FSH-001 Negative Ion Shower Head

ionic shower head reviewsLuxsego FSH-001 is also one of the best high pressure ionic shower heads. It’s a shower head designed to provide an advanced spa experience with cleaner, healthier, and softer water.

The shower head offers a water flow of 2.5 GPM, which is within regulation restrictions. However, since it uses micro nozzle technology that increases the speed of the water flow, it feels like the flow is a lot stronger. This increased water pressure makes it possible to finish the showering process in the shortest time and save water while doing so.

With this shower head, you can also have a personalized shower experience. It offers three different modes, each providing a different spray pattern. There’s a rainfall mode for the most gentle shower experience, a jetting mode for showering under the most powerful spray, and a massage mode for the most relaxing shower experience.

The shower head also offers the filtration effect of the mineral beads. It features a double filter system that consists of red and grey natural stones. The red ones are infrared mineral beads and the grey ones are anion. They help to restore the pH balance and removing some of the impurities in water, moisturizing the skin, activating cellular metabolism and reducing oil secretion.

This is also a durable shower head. It’s made of high quality ABS material. Moreover, the adjustable joint is made of brass, which offers good load bearing capacity. On top of that, the shower head comes with a hose that is made of stainless steel.

Another advantage of this fixture is that it can be easily disassembled. This makes it easier to replace the beads and clean all the parts.


PureAction SH-158

high pressure ionic shower head reviewsPureAction SH-158 is also one of the best ionic filtration shower heads. It offers superior filtration, good water pressure, easy installation, and a well-built design.

The fixture features multi stage filtration. First of all, it includes three types of beads. There’s a mix of zeolite and negative ion balls. The zeolite ones are added to trap ions of calcium and magnesium and at the same time, to release sodium ions. This softens the water and helps prevent itchy skin, dry scalp, and dandruff. As for negative ion balls, further restoring pH and removing harmful substances from the water. Additionally, the filtration system features tourmaline balls, which also soften the soften and reduce chlorine and fluoride.

The last stage of filtration features a Vitamin C filter cartridge. In addition to adding Vitamin C to the water, it also gives it a refreshing lemon scent. Moreover, the filter comes with three other aroma cartridges. So you replace the lemon scent with either lavender, rose, or jasmine.

One more good feature of this shower head is the 3-inch metal shower plate. It’s designed with laser cut micro nozzles that make the water come out with increased pressure.

In the package with the shower head, mineral beads, and four scented cartridge filters, you also get a shower hose, wall bracket, and sealant tape. So as long as you already have an installed shower arm, this shower head will be ready for installation right out of the box.


Prugna HD-SH-LF001

top rated ionic shower headPrugna HD-SH-lF001 not only offers filtration but also a fun shower experience. The shower head face is equipped with LEDs that light up in seven different colors. The colors change cyclically, switching to the next color every two to three seconds. And you don’t need any batteries to power the lights. They are water pressure activated, so they automatically turn on when you open the water source.

For water filtration, the shower head uses two sets of negative ion beads. The first, red balls, remove water impurities and the second, grey ones, remove residual chlorine. As a result, the shower head eliminates up to 99% of chlorine and reduces many other impurities. This helps in improving your health, making the skin smoother and more moisturized and the hair softer and stronger.

This shower head is also designed for water saving. The shower head’s face features micro nozzles, so it uses less water without sacrificing water pressure.

The fixture also comes as a complete kit ready for installation right out of the box. All you need to have is a standard shower arm already installed. Along with the shower head, you get a shower hose and a shower arm bracket. Additionally, you get plumber’s tape, so you connect everything for leak-free performance.


Densors Vitamin C Filter Shower Head

good mineral bead shower headDensors offers the cheapest ionic shower head. However, while cheap, it’s still well made and offers good ionic water filtration. Though one of the things that make it cheaper compared to others is that it includes only the handheld shower head. It does not include the shower hose or the bracket for holding the shower head.

For filtration, the shower head uses four different types of mineral beads. They include tourmaline beads for anti-bacterial sterilization, Maifan stones for absorbing impurities, natural Zeolite beads removing heavy metals and fluoride, and calcium sulfite beads for removing residual chlorine and killing pathogens.

This effective ionic filtration system helps to regulate the water’s pH level, remove chemicals and other impurities, soften and remineralize the water. All this can greatly benefit the health of your skin and hair.

On top of that, the fixture features a filter cartridge that enriches the water with Vitamin c and the soothing scent of lemon. It helps in eliminating odors in water, reducing stress, and alleviating the mood. The package also includes three extra refill cartridges.


Cobbe High Pressure Ionic Shower Head

high quality mineral bead shower headCobbe is another shower head that offers both water filtration and an LED system. It makes the shower healthier and more fun.

The filtration system consists of two stages that include infrared and anion mineral balls. They help to soften the hard water. They also help to remove chlorine, heavy metals, odors, and bacteria. All this helps to create a healthier shower experience.

To make the shower experience a bit more fun, the shower head has an LED light system. It offers three lights that are green, blue, and red. The LEDs are activated by water pressure and the color changes depending on the temperature of the water, so cold water would give the green light and hot water would give red.

For durability, the shower head is made of strong ABS material. It features a transparent design, so you can see all the mineral beads inside. To make it easier to maintain the shower head and keep it clean, all the parts can easily be removed and washed.

This product includes only the shower head. Unless you already have them, you will additionally need to purchase a shower hose and mount.


Prugna HD-SH-F0101

recommended ionic shower headsPrugna offers one more great ionic shower head. This model is similar to the one we reviewed above. However, the main difference is that this one does not include LED lighting.

The mineral beads filtration includes infrared and anionic balls, which you can see through the transparent design of the shower head. These mineral balls eliminate chlorine and reduce residual impurities, providing a healthier shower experience. It makes the water healthier for both your skin and your hair.

This shower head is designed to provide not only a healthier shower experience but also one that is more enjoyable. It achieves that by offering three different spray modes that include rain, jet spray, and massage.

All three settings deliver high water pressure. The shower head face features a special structure with tiny holes, so it offers a water saving effect while boosting pressure.

Another advantage of this high pressure ionic shower head is that it comes with everything that you’ll need for its installation. The package includes a shower hose that 59 inches long, a shower arm bracket, and a plumber’s tape. And you don’t need to be a plumber to install this shower head. You can easily do it yourself in 5 minutes.


StoneStream EcoPower

ionic shower head comparisonThe StoneStream EcoPower model is a wall mount and handheld shower head combo kit. It’s a dual shower head, so you can easily switch between the fixed wall-mount shower head and the handheld one.

In this kit, you get a handheld shower head, a wall mount shower head, a 5 foot hose, wall shower arm, wall bracket, and plumber’s tape. It’s a complete kit that has everything that you’ll need for the installation.

The filtration system consists of mineral stones that include anion, ceramic energy, and tourmaline stones. Anion balls provide negatively charged ions that soften the water and remove impurities. Ceramic energy balls restore the water’s pH value, which helps in improving the elasticity of the skin. Lastly, tourmaline stones offer anti-bacterial and deodorant qualities.

To fit different shower preferences, the shower head also offers three spray settings. They include rainfall, massage, and jetting. You can easily change the settings using the mode switch.

One more benefit of this shower head is its water saving design. It features an anodized aluminum frame that has 250 laser-cut spray holes. This makes the water stream come at increased pressure, making it easier and faster to rinse out soap and shampoo. And its water flow is just 1.75 gallons per minute.

Another feature that contributes to water saving is the stop function. It’s located on the handheld shower head and allows you to quickly pause the water flow without having to use the water valve.

This is the most expensive ionic shower head that we reviewed on this list. However, the price comes from the extra functionality and extra features that it offers.


How to Choose the Best Ionic Shower Head – Buying Guide

Before purchasing a certain high pressure ionic shower head, it can be good to understand what would make the best buy. In the buying guide below, you can read through the main factors to consider in order to choose the best ionic shower head.

Built Quality

A metal shower head will definitely be more durable than a plastic one. However, most ionic shower heads are made of plastic, though in most instances it’s high quality ABS material that is strong and lightweight. It’s more important that the shower hose and fittings are made of metal.


Ionic shower heads come with different mineral beads. Some, such as the SparkPod model, even include extra filtration methods, which makes removing water impurities more effective.

Check which mineral beads and other filtration methods are included in the shower head in order to understand the level of water filtration to expect.

Spray Settings

This factor might not be a necessity for everyone. However, having different settings can really enhance your shower experience. With multiple spray patterns, you can choose one that would the most suitable depending on the mood you have at any current moment.


If you choose an ionic shower head that is easy to install, you won’t have to seek professional help for the installation and you won’t have to add the extra cost. The main thing to look out for is that the new shower head comes with fittings that match those of your existing shower setup.

Most of these shower heads are designed to fit a standard 1/2-inch shower arm or hose. this makes the installation very easy since you just add the plumber’s tape and screw the new shower head on However, if you have a different setup, you would need a different size.

What’s Included

It’s also important to pay attention to what’s included with the shower head. Some products include only the handheld shower head wand. In this case, if you don’t have an existing shower hose and other fixtures, you would have to purchase them additionally. Other products, on the other hand, come as complete kits that include everything from shower head and hose to the mounting bracket and plumber’s tape.

Ionic Shower Head Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ionic shower head?

Ionic shower heads come with bead-like resin materials that create an ion exchange process in the water. If you have hard water in your home, it means that the water has a high content of calcium and magnesium minerals. These hard water minerals can be harmful to your skin and hair. And ionic shower heads feature bioactive mineral beads that absorb the chemical ions in water and help to restore the pH level. Additionally, these mineral beads remove some of the impurities, such as chlorine, bacteria, and heavy metals.

Are ionic shower heads any good?

Ionic shower heads work to a degree. However, they are a novelty item that has not been NSF/ANSI certified and there are no lab test results to back up the health benefits of these shower heads. So there’s no evidence that these shower heads purify water.

However, this doesn’t mean that ionic shower heads don’t work. If you go online and check customer reviews of multiple ionic shower heads, you’ll find that users are experiencing their skin feeling smoother and their hair getting softer.

What are the benefits of ionic shower heads?

There are multiple benefits that an ionic shower head can offer. One of them is that it softens the water, which can lead to less clogging from scale buildup. Another benefit is more hygienic water with no dirt particles, chlorine, and other impurities. This is beneficial for your hair and skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Moreover, they can help prevent dandruff and stop hair loss.

Do ionic shower heads soften water?

The mineral beads do collect hardness ions and thus make the water softer. However, don’t expect the same level of water softening as you would get with a dedicated water softener.

How often should I change the mineral balls in my shower head?

For best filtration performance, the mineral beads do need to be regularly replaced. Most manufacturers recommend changing them about every 6 months. If you have hard water, you might need to replace them more often. However, fortunately, compared to other shower head filters, these beads are cheaper to replace.

How do you install an ionic shower head?

Installing an ionic shower head is very similar to installing a standard one. The only thing different could be that your ionic shower head comes disassembled with multiple parts. In this case, you would first need to assemble it, adding the beads inside, and then connect it to your shower arm or shower hose like you would a standard shower head. You just need to add some plumber’s tape around the threads and then screw the fixture on.

How to clean an ionic shower head?

If you notice that the shower head is not offering the same performance as before, it might mean that it has accumulated residue or scale and it’s time for its cleaning.

Fortunately, most ionic shower heads are very easy to clean. They easily disassemble into parts, which makes it easier to wash each part.

After you’ve disassembled the shower head and removed the beads, you can either wash the parts just under running water or in a white vinegar solution.

Do ionic shower heads increase water pressure?

Most ionic shower heads do come in designs that help in improving water pressure. If you’re looking for increased water pressure, check that the shower head comes with multiple micro nozzles that help pressurize the water flow.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best ionic shower head in 2021 is the SparkPod model. Unlike some of the simpler ionic shower heads, it offers more advanced filtration with multiple stages to soften the water and remove impurities. On top of that, it’s affordable and comes in a nice design. However, if you’re looking for just mineral beads filtration, the other products we have mentioned in our ionic shower head reviews are also great options.

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